What's downvoting?
People who go around voting 1 on everyone.

So there's code now preventing the downvoting?
Well it doesn't prevent it, it mitigates it. Which means, you can still go around voting 1s, but it hurts others less. I'll have to keep looking at every week and keep adjusting the mitigation until it's at a level where the most number of people are happy with the winners. (ie. maximum number of people agreeing that 'yes those deserve it'. I can't get everyone to agree but I can get a maximum...)

How does this downvoting-mitigation work?
Well like most programmers I would love to ramble on about the technicalities of this, but I can't because I wouldn't want the downvoters to take advantage of it. Not that they can take advantage of it if they ever figure it out...but why invite the problems? hehe razz

Why are the top ten winners different from what the average rating says?
Well, the average is still used to determine winners, though now there is a weighted average so that people who got downvoted aren't hurt as much. This weighted one is what is used to determine the winners, NOT the average you see.

However, this weighted average is not displayed publicly. So basically, all that looking at score and ranking is out the window right now. That is what I meant when I said 'you can't see the effect immediately'. Sorry if the ranking was confusing. I had thought it would work beause it was confusing to the downvoters, who now have no idea who to downvote..ha ha ha! But I guess honest people are now confused too...I will fix that soon.

Where is the Avatar Arena?
You can also get to it from the Map by clicking on the coliseum in Barton Town.

How do I check if my entry successfully submitted?
Use the Edit Your Entry link at the side menu. It should bring up your submission.

How does the Hot Avatars list at the side work?
I use a variety of different algorithms to select a pool of candidates, and then shuffle through the algorithms throughout the day. I won't be disclosing the details of how those algorithms work anytime soon to prevent people from taking advantage of them.

Sometimes I get errors of 'Could not find username'
If this is infrequent and refreshing makes it go away, it's probably just loss of connection to one of the databases causing the fail (hence refreshing helps).

There are admins/developers in the Arena omg!!
Yes but they're harmless XD. They're probably just curious what people think of their outfits. ^^ If they get into the top ten I'll just boot them out myself biggrin . Please note that admins and developers are different from moderators; moderators are allowed to participate and win just like any other user.

You can vote multiple times on the same avatar omg!
No, not really. Though you can click and it will bring you to the next page, it will inform you in the little pink box by the side that your vote was not counted because you already voted.

Omg I can vote for myself!!111
Yes and it's only 1 vote so it doesn't count for anything significant.

I submitted but I can't see my submission! This sucks!
Your entry will be viewable on Monday. We made it such that everyone recieves votes for the same number of days. We don't want to have people who submitted earlier recieving more votes than others who submitted later. So everyone starts getting votes on Monday. It's more trying on patience, but it's more fair this way for you and for others.

If you want to see if your submission worked, use the Edit Your Entry link on the sidemenu.

I withdrew but I didn't get a refund!
As stated in the rules, you will not get a refund for withdrawing.