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    User ImageUser ImageWell, what can be expected of today's AvA* fiasco? Avatar items that you seem to see reoccuring (like the 90's pants with Soft Black bra combo or the such)? Someone that you think should be in the Top 10 but isn'? What's your say? This thread is basically a miscellaneous source of AvA happenings that I myself among other people find. xd

    *AvA - A mimic on the Art Arena, but since AA is commonly referred to Art Arena, AvA is just a play on Avatar Arena. cool I am really bored... and sleepy.

    What is this thread about?

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    • A discussion thread about the Arena and the avatars within
    • Your faves and disliked. (Hated is such a strong word...)
    • How you feel about your current entry
    • A hangout thread. (Yeah, I admit it. If a moderator has a problem with it, discuss it with the ones that frequent this thread.)
    • Among other things. (Though keep it short. xd )
    • A place where you can get help if you need to know something that isn't explained in the stickies.
    • How you feel about the winners
    • A place to get to know some of the forum regs.

    Enjoy your time.
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    -cough-Make me moderator of the Avatar Arena forum...-cough-
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User ImageUser ImageArena Rules

User ImageThe Housing and Avatar Arenas allow you to submit your avatar and home layout to be reviewed and rated against other Gaians. All submissions to these arenas must follow the rules listed here, or else they may be disqualified. At any time, you may submit your home or avatar for the next voting contest (which will begin the following Monday morning at midnight, PST). After a week-long voting period, the winners will be calculated at 7pm (again, PST) on Sunday evening, and the top 10 entries will be archived and put on display for all time. Inappropriate Content
All arena submissions must comply with the Gaia Terms of Service. That means no nudity, extreme violence, or inappropriate/sexual themes, please.
  • Cost - Entering the Housing Arena is free, but making a submission to the Avatar Arena costs 1,000 gold.
  • Copyrighted Material Imitations - Entries which imitate a copyrighted character or setting (for example, Edward Scissorhands or the Satellite of Love) will not automatically be disqualified, but if the copyright holder asks us to remove an entry from competition, we will honor their request. Proceed at your own risk!
  • Hired Goons - Offering gold, items, or services to others to gain more votes or comments is not allowed. Asking nicely for votes and comments is fine, but paying for them is not. Similarly, running contests which offer prizes or financial gain of any kind cannot tie in with any arena advertisements you may post. By offering any chance of compensation to others for voting or commenting, you are violating arena rules, and your entry will immediately be disqualified.
  • Glitches - No entries with major glitches will be allowed. In the Avatar Arena, this means no nude avatars, no invisible avatars, and no bald avatars. Major glitches are typically something that would significantly affect the base model, or reveal something that was not meant to be seen. Minor glitches which do not greatly affect your avatar are permitted.
  • Prizes - The only prize given for the Housing Arena is eternal fame and glory. For the Avatar Arena, the fame and glory comes with 50,000 gold for first place, 30,000 gold for second place, 20,000 gold for third place, and 10,000 gold for everyone from fourth place to tenth place.
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User ImageLinks to Avatar Arena forum stickies:

Rules of the Forum:- http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/read-me-ava-subforum-what-belongs-here/t.11200145/
Avatar Arena Rules:- http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/avatar-arena-rules/t.25499773/
Link to Developer's Bugs/Progress thread (pirula) :- http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/avatar-arena-bugs-enhancements-updated-12-06/t.43929671/
FAQs written by omgwhat (a little out of date now):- http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/avatar-arena-faq-updated-dec-12/t.11134294/
Clarification of Glitched avatars:- http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/glitched-entries-zurg-grombie-vampires-using-superior-form/t.33213407/
Clarification of Giveaways/Contests & Arena Advertising:- http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/avatar-arena/rule-clarification-giveaways-contests-arena-advertising/t.32758005/

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Links to List of Moderators

Other links that are useful:
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