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Justice GO

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Romantic Autobiographer

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Bump, gift please? 3nodding
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Shy Perfectionist

Blood The Shapeshifter

...we first appeared during the April Fools Mother Duck Event ...

There was an April Fools event? I really must get out more. emotion_facepalm

Don't you mean less? xd
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Questionable Shapeshifter

remember to visit the patio folks
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Ive been everywhere. - w -
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My favorite sunglasses are Aviators. I have four pairs; mirrored, red, light blue, and yellow.
I'm a weird one. whee Random! Who else likes Aviators? If you don't like them, what do you like? cool
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Questionable Shapeshifter

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hi yum_coldone
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Ruthless Lunatic

*stumbles in* wassssupppppp
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User Image

User Image "Death lies on her, like an untimely frost..."

If that is what Finn will look like when he ages,
I hope he forever remains fourteen.

"...Upon the sweetest flower of all the field." User Image
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heart cheese_whine
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i saw my girlfriend hanging around without me
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Hope you all are enjoying the party!
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Well, if we're gonna hang in the attic, can we at least play Jumongi?
-Digs through a series of old boxes in an attempt to find said game-

How about we play Zathura instead and get to go to cool outer space instead of sweaty old jungle?

But dude! Monkey tail! MONKEY TAIL!!!


-in exaggerated accent- AH SAIHED MONKEY TAIL-UH!

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