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...What? 0.24137931034483 24.1% [ 7 ]
AH SUUURE DID! COOOMEEHEER /HUGS 0.75862068965517 75.9% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 29 ]
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Codebreaking Fatcat

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  • Hygienic 200

I thought I just saw you in the front yar....

Should not have drunk that onezie...
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Fashionable Sex Symbol

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smile i live in an attic razz best place 2 be at hehe
[tears]of[blood]'s avatar

Ruthless Lunatic

*trips and falls into attic* i-i-i-i wannaa g-gift....
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15,000 Points
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  • Love Machine 150
party party party.... lifts red solo cup in the air.... oops, stumbles on top step.... plunges forward... recovers, didnt lose a drop.... party, party, party.... slurps somebody elses boose off the floor.... stands up.... gulps last drop in cup..... hey anybody got good booze?

[tears]of[blood]'s avatar

Ruthless Lunatic



yoo man, youu ahhh *takes a swig* are pwetty allright. DUDE, i like my uhhh, thingymah giftt sooooooooooooooooo much heart heart heart heart *falls asleep* zzzzZZzzzSNORE
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Bashful Receiver

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  • Invisibility 100
Gah! I came up here because there were too many obnoxious people downstairs. Maybe some of these nice stoned people want a gift...
Huey_Freeman800's avatar

Assimilated Genius

7,850 Points
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Cart Raider 100
  • Person of Interest 200
Lets build a blanket fort!!!
4laugh heart

Than lets have an orgy in it!!!!!!!!!! emotion_dowant emotion_awesome emotion_dealwithit
peeking in
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3,250 Points
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  • Invisibility 100
My high Is starting to wear off I should smoke more >w<!!!!
iiReese's avatar

Fashionable Sex Symbol

6,350 Points
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  • Ultimate Player 200
  • First step to fame 200
*it no window dnt wanna shock on the :O smoke
leeloh's avatar

Malevolent Spirit

            i'm a joker
            i'm a smoker
            i'm a midnight toker

            pass that s**t around.
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2,650 Points
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  • Dressed Up 200
  • Gaian 50
Muhuhahahaha ninja

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