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I always wanted to know why we have to wait like 1minute to send messages right after sending one. It wasted time. I think that should change. Or maybe even a shorter time. I have atleast 2 or more messge when I log in, I can't respond to them as soon as possibly because of that delay, sometimes I even forget to respond back to them. Cause I don't want to wait. Hhaa.
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First off, yay~! dark brown hair, and it has REAL eyebrows emotion_kirakira this salon update made my day.

'kay, now my question that is purely to sate my curiosity once again is, what makes you consider items for bidblast? is it how many were sold or how much they're going for? or just what pepper-tea thinks would fit the theme that week?
How many hours a day do you spend moderating on Gaia?
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Hey everyone, how are you tonight?

Thank you for the new hairs, I am in love with this style. 4laugh

Just a couple quick questions, I don't know if they've been answered anywhere or not yet.

Are you guys currently working on the wishlist deleting bug?
If so, any eta when it will be fixed?
Also, will our wishlists be restored, or will we have to build them all over again?
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Welcome to ATA everyone!

Hey Lanzer I have something to ask you
Will you loan me your ear??
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Will Backyard monsters and other games from the company going to ever get the update like Facebook?

Unfortunately, we do not control the updating or maintenance of Backyard Monsters or Resort World and it is up to Viximo, the company who does handle that, to deal with any updates, bug fixes, etc. To know if it's going to happen you'd need to ask them.
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4. Fire, lots of fire. Fire everywhere. Every direction. Every second. Explosions. Bullets flying left and right.

Sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Should record and sell to big movie companies. Make lotsa money. ninja
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Dear Gaia staff, I'd like to make a suggestion pertaining to helping Gaians know what items they have and how many of said items they have.

You know how when you go to the MP or Gold Shop and click on something it says, "You Own This Item." Is there any way possible that you could make it so it says how many of the item you have? Like say you click on Divided Stars and you have three and need, let's say one more, but you don't know how many you already have. Well could a code/program be made that says, "You Own 3 of This Item." So then you'd know that you only need to buy one more Divided Stars.
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Good afternoon, Devs! heart

Sorry if this is kinda general. sweatdrop
I've been wondering when most of the Gaia Games will be somewhat functional again?
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one question regarding Summer Springs... will it ever be ported to viximo?
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Hello hello lanky, everything going all right tonight? I'm just here to lurk...maybe ask a question later on. I'm sure to have a good, formulated though though for next week, be on the look out.

Yup, so far!
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can you guys get nicki minaj and or lil wayne items
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[ If I wanted to make an item for Gaiaonline like designing, How would I do that ? ]
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I help run a thread strictly for decapitating killing and maiming people for the purpose of art and a way to release tension stress and the problems my PTSD cause me, that being said people willingly come to us to "die" or rather to kill their avis. Now, will i no longer be allowed to do that because of this? Will I no longer be able to express myself on gaia? What about the people who have violent characters that they use to role play to have fun or like myself to release stress? This is the only place I can do that, you take that away then what
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Today i was on page of free cash and was no longer blue-nuddle videos. I do not know why you take off the only way to earn gaia cash for free. I hope you do something. Meant that the free service of cash Videos Blue Noodle is not working for days now, every time I try to see the videos and get the gaia cash the page is blank. Please try to tackle the fastest way possible. Thank You.

Blue Noodle went bankrupt as a company and is no more. emo

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