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Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining us today! I'm your host since Lanzer is off galavanting and doing very Lanzer-esque things. He might be able to join us later on.

One note: since next Monday is Memorial Day, we'll be moving ATA next week to another night. I'm not sure which one yet, but we'll let you know.

And as always, there will probably be a lot of questions we don't get to. This isn't because we don't like you (promise!), but because we try to answer as many different questions as we can, and there are usually too many to get to in the hour to an hour-and-a-half that we have.

With that, we'll begin in a few minutes!

don't have it tuesday next week. i'll be on a plane... *shifty eyes*

errr... hi everyone!!!! emotion_yatta
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Any chance we can have a new lake to fish in, new fish, mask, items etc? When will Angelic Plus be out?
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After I read your announcement, I realized you're about to ban 90% of the gaia community.

Chances are only 50% of them will make a new account. How do you feel about this? emotion_yatta
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Orgasmic Rawrs XD
why is my other account banned even tho it wasnt even my fault and i didnt do anything i mean i spent allot of money on tht acc can u maybe have a look at it?

Have you tried filing a ticket yet at: http://www.gaiaonline.com/help ? You can appeal a ban there.
yes i have ive been doin it for 2 years now i never got a reply and im gettin annoyed
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Can you please add new dealers to Blackjack? I'm getting sick of playing the same three dealers over and over again. Also, in the Blackjack FAQ, it says that the dealer must hit 16, but don't they have to hit 17?

Also, can you please make Alchemist's Cases easier to craft and have them sorted into twelve different boxes, just like you did with the Philosopher's Caches?

Hi Sasune,

I don't think we're going to have any company for Ace in the near future. As for hitting, in real life it's just a soft 17, which I believe applies here too.

Changing the Alchemist's Case is a possibility, but I don't think we're going to do it in the short-term.
When do you think you will change the cases?
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I just wanted to say "bravo" on putting out that TSA. Maybe some of my fellow CBers will take a chill pill on the untasteful jokes.
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I noticed something when my avi was male I was able to layer stockings over socks but as female I can't it makes me sad User Image any way we can make this layering universal
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Hi guys biggrin

Thanks for the salon update!

One of the zomg quest glitches for DMS, has been fixed half way. Can we get it fully fixed please? emotion_kirakira

Glad you like it!

I believe that's on the list of the zOMG folks to fix, although I'm not sure where they are with it.
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Why is the PSA "What not to joke about" sticky only in Chatterbox?
Why isn't it in the other forums, like General Discussion and such?

If it's such a big issue, then shouldn't there be notices posted in all of the forums?
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Also; you should be watching this because I am exclaim
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How do you handle repeat spammers/trollers who collect banned accounts like snow-globes?
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Earlier today, I read about the new rules, and there was this first one that you shouldn't mention anything that you';ve maimed or murdered or something like that, I just wanna make sure that does'nt count in roleplays...does it?
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will the artists ever make any more moga items, and if possible, pokemon knockoffs? (N, Gym Leaders, etc.)
I'd love an Elesa knock-off but that's just me.
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Sooo...any other big sponsorships in the works?
Just general stuff. Curiosity.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

YES. but can't say who or what surprised

Aw, can't even drop tidbits?

I really wish I could, but I can't ruin the surprise. It is something that a lot of the community has already been talking about.

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