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Any update on the old bug with my eyes, that I mentioned two ATA's ago?


Lanzer and Mr. Waffles,

I think Gaia needs a Waffles companion directly in the cash shop or possibly DC, for a cheep price. There are already plenty of too-expensive cat companions, so it would be nice if we could have the REAL admin on every avatar. And the more realistic it looks, the better.

Would you be opposed to Waffles being honored with an item?
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I'm wondering if there are more rules that are going to be issued to the new PSA, such as the harassment of others in town and rallys for beliefs such as religion, sexual orientation, LGBT, race, etc.
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Why do admins hate gaia?
Why can't I wear items like a female avatar would? ex. enhanced breasts. I like cross-dressing.
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Hello again guys!
I just have a few questions this time.
1. How come the Monster Galaxy that isn't connected to facebook doesn't give you gold everytime you use a bonus attack? It seems silly, you'd think this version would be more likely to give gold. So why isn't it?
2. This one isn't exactly a question, more a suggestion but..about the Salon Update. It was..kinda disappointing. Are you guys running out of hairstyle ideas? If you are, why not hold a constest like CrosStitch, where users design hairstyles, and every time there will be one male hairstyle and one female hairstyle winner? Then you know you're putting out hairstyles that Gaians actually like. Not saying yours are bad, I mean, some of them are just awesome! But why not give this a try?
3. Have you guys had any luck finding GC sponsers that let people outside the US watch their videos?
4. What's it like being an Admin/Moderator? Do you guys have awesome muffin parties at the office?

Thanks for being awesome!

3. We're negotiating with a new partner right now that supports international.
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Orgasmic Rawrs XD
why is my other account banned even tho it wasnt even my fault and i didnt do anything i mean i spent allot of money on tht acc can u maybe have a look at it?

Have you tried filing a ticket yet at: http://www.gaiaonline.com/help ? You can appeal a ban there.
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well the FMA items ever be in the UK
Questing: User Image 110k//LMP.

Only through the MP, because of copyright issues.
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Good evening.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the PSA announcement tonight. Why didn't you do this sooner?

As far as my question...uhh...Ah!

DJ, since you're headed to A-Kon 23 next weekend, do you need any of us users to pack a survival kit so you won't have to deal with drinking lots of Red Bulls like last year?
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"Me and other staff members"
^terrible grammar

what caused the PSA? D:
a lot of people in DTTPAY's also talk about killing through kindness/whatnot. ;n;
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Is there any particular reason you chose now to put out that PSA? Like, was there a law passed recently that says you have to be stricter about that stuff, or have there just been a higher number of such "jokes" lately?

Hi Platonix,

We've been meaning to do safety PSA's for a bit (on a monthly or bi-monthly basis). Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of those lately. Kinda sucks.
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Evening Gaia staff, Lanzer.

Got a few questions staff.

In regards to Zomg I was wondering if there is anyway to fix an issue I've had for months, don't know if others have. Every time I sign on my Meat Ring is off my ring set and back in storage. I don't know why, when I get off it's on my ring set. It's been happening for months and while it's a small thing it would be nice to not have to fix it everytime.

Also, I was wondering if there may be some way to fix how in booty grab some boxes, or a lot for me, wind up drifting off screen so you can't get them. Maybe like someway for coins, fish, and boxes to not go off screen?
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It's getting a little crazy on this thread rofl :
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Hi!! I'm a hoarder of thousands of items, and they're very hard to arrange. xD Will the Inventory Organizer be updated anytime soon?
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When could we expect some fixes on the All Gaia feature in the "My Avatar" selection?

Some items work fine, but when you start adding more than a few... the items don't remove themselves from your avatar.
Am I going to become a really powerful wizard?
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Hello Gaaaaaia!

I've been wondering this for a while, but...

Why is it that when you have an item with more than one item in it (S-Pop Club: Taja, Crimson Promise, etc), you can only use one of the items within that item?

Also, do you look at the petitions?

Thank you!

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