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Mass Effect items

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        Oh staff, maybe you should have waited to post the PSA until AFTER this week's ATA. I hope you guys don't get berated for this. Good luck to you all!
        How are you all doing otherwise?
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Hello again guys!
I just have a few questions this time.
1. How come the Monster Galaxy that isn't connected to facebook doesn't give you gold everytime you use a bonus attack? It seems silly, you'd think this version would be more likely to give gold. So why isn't it?
2. This one isn't exactly a question, more a suggestion but..about the Salon Update. It was..kinda disappointing. Are you guys running out of hairstyle ideas? If you are, why not hold a constest like CrosStitch, where users design hairstyles, and every time there will be one male hairstyle and one female hairstyle winner? Then you know you're putting out hairstyles that Gaians actually like. Not saying yours are bad, I mean, some of them are just awesome! But why not give this a try?
3. Have you guys had any luck finding GC sponsers that let people outside the US watch their videos?
4. What's it like being an Admin/Moderator? Do you guys have awesome muffin parties at the office?

Thanks for being awesome!

4. Fire, lots of fire. Fire everywhere. Every direction. Every second. Explosions. Bullets flying left and right.
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And cue all the accusations, questions, and complaining about the useless and unstoppable bad jokes rules that have been put into place.
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why is my other account banned even tho it wasnt even my fault and i didnt do anything i mean i spent allot of money on tht acc can u maybe have a look at it?
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Will Backyard monsters and other games from the company going to ever get the update like Facebook?
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Questing: User Image 110k//LMP.

Have you found any new GCash sponsors?
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For Towns II will the tree kicking bonus be raised a few gold?
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What prompted an announcement for the PSA regarding Gaia's Hot button topics? Is it really a legal issue for Gaia?
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well the FMA items ever be in the UK
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Hey Admins, Devs and Artists!

How is life?

Also, What the hell is this Monster Galaxy manga and live action business about?
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just wanna say HI :3
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will the artists ever make any more moga items, and if possible, pokemon knockoffs? (N, Gym Leaders, etc.)
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Black Laptops, for the love of Madoka fund it.

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