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Hey everyone hope your holidays were well! ^ ^

I asked this in the last ATA and I'm here yet again to pester yall.

I would LOVE to see a John Lennon plushie or SDPlus Doll along with a Sunny and Cher set as well.

Sweeney Todd items would be nice as well along with more Beatles items.

Can we make this happen possibly?
How come the Mutual friends button has a glitch on the my gaia section?
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Hello Admins!
My question is, do you guys have any plans of making some sort of bank system for gaia in 2013? I like the idea of having a bank, which in the end would probably be called "Bank of Gambino" since they are gaias big gold-idols. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I think its a good idea to have a bank to store our gold to promote saving up for items that would normally be hard to get. I dont know about moost people but I know for me Out of sight = out of mind! If I cant see my gold I am a lot less likely to spend it. Ive been told you can just keep a trade open with a mule character and stick money in it as you like but if I do that I want to finish the trade each time incase my account ever gets hacked or something. With a bank we could have a seperate password associated with it to make our gold sort of double-secure! Gaia could even do a sort of interest rate where each week or month the bank takes 1-2% of the total gold saved in the users bank. I would be willing to pay between 2-5% each week to have a bank.

So, any plans for a bank or anything similar to a bank?

From the FMI sticky in Site Feedback:

Interest Earning Bank Accounts
An interest earning bank would widen the gap between richer users and not-so-rich users, something we want to avoid. We encourage everyone to earn gold from active participation on Gaia, rather than this type of passive investment. Thus, this is a feature that will not be implemented because it will impact the community negatively.
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question, why have I redeemed 26 ornaments in the event yet have not received the achievement for redeeming 25?
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Happy New Year!
No questions at this time, just here to converse. c:
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I was on Towns earlier this morning, and I noticed that a lot of the town topics were things along the lines of "RIP Original Towns 2013". I'm really curious, are you destroying Towns and/or making major changes to it?

We are replacing it soon with a new towns.
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Wtf...Why is it already on page 4 ? rofl
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Why do I have to go through so much to get my GG GC just because I spent 100 dollars all at once? -n-
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I have a question regarding Ultra Satan.
I wasn't around for black friday, so I may or may not have missed anything regarding the origins of Ultra Satan, but as soon as I noticed it was on the site it quickly became a favorite item of mine.
I noticed that you guys release Ultra Satan Slippers as well as had ornaments for the X-mas event featuring Ultra Satan.
Will we be seeing more Ultra Satan in upcoming events and/or items, and will Ultra Satan become like a mascot type character like Rock Puppy or perhaps an NPC like Radiojack?

I personally would love to see more of this adorable little cat in the future, and would absolutely love if it became an NPC like character.

As always thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and having ATA's. C:


Thanks for the question! I'm not sure about whether or not Ultra Satan is coming back as an NPC or if it will be involved in future events - you'll have to stay tuned!

But speaking of Ultra Satan items, that is the prize up for grabs in tomorrow's "12 Days of Siskmas" contest - my giveaway thread! Posts made on Jan 1st, 2013 PST are eligible to win, and one lucky Gaian WILL get one. That contest thread is here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/apocalypsmas/the-12-days-of-siskmas-giveaway-contest-win-prizes-3/t.83893615/
Sweet Angel Mary
is there any chance gaia might use their own captchas in the future (like the one for the thanksgiving game)?

I'm asking since last week it was frustrating when the captcha site went down for a little bit.
I doubt it, since the current one also generates revenue that Gaia needs to run.
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First of all, Happy 2013 to everyone! emotion_yatta

My questions:
1. Is there any updates that will come to alchemy?
2. Is the "update" for HoC coming any time soon? I'm excited to start playing it. Been waiting about a month now. rofl
3. What are you all going to do for New Year's Celebration? ninja

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first whats up gaia staff?
second any goals first the new year?

Finish all the projects that were suppose to be finished in 2012!
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**Bites thread**
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Can we get more teddy bears?

Can we get an animated toy train?

Can we get recolors of items from the cross stitch shop?

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