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Dear Gaia!

Have you guys considered making more post styles?
I loved how the Xmas event had those stary and that black post style. It'd be awesome if we could have that in the normal forums too!

Like it can be a reward for completing a certain events, or become available after completing the achievement, etc.

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Thanks to all the lovely lil Gaians who keep tipping my posts. whee
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I wonder what type of collectables the staff has in store for us this month/year!

You should do a vote like you did with the wonderland collectable (Alice vs red riding hood, or was it Snow White?)

Can't wait for this years collectables.... -has a few gggg stashed away for them.

If anyone sells them please sell them to me 150k each is what I paid all yr long!
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um yes I have been asking for a recolor of gogh reed where the hair color would be black in the zero hair yet I was told that it takes too much effort so I have up. Even now though I have week after week been begging and begging for some long black straight hair in a chance item thats kinda like gogh reed. and I feel mocked because with every new chance item that comes out there is always white hair and every new evolving item lately has had white hair. I honestly feel mocked.

back on the question of re colors. how come I was told it was too hard to re color an item but you guys recolored not one but three items for the one month yet the one small thing I desire has yet to be made?

Also the chance items seem to have been giving less and less out of rare items lately I've yet to have a victory out of any bundle in months. It seems harder and harder to get items. is there any way to fix that?

I posted this earlier and got ohh I dunno...ignored!



Oh god....buddy, let me talk to you about WHITE DANDER EARS.....

yeah but theres plenty of bunny ears. theres hardly any black hair that actually oh i dunno LOOKS GOOD? but true those ears wouldnt be bad in white or black

Black hair that looks good is subjective. >.>
Maybe you can draw some designs on avatars and set up a petition, or something? Staff aren't mind readers, ya know.

XD i'm no artist I can't draw to save my life
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Alrighty, it is time for us to head out so the thread is being closed. We're sorry if we didn't get to all your questions and comments. We try our best to get to as many as we are able, but cannot get to all of them unfortunately! ^^

Thanks again for coming, and hope you all have a safe and fun New Year's Eve. If you are an adult and of drinking age, please don't drink and drive, or let your friends drink and drive. That is just a losing situation.

As for you all, thank you again for being amazing and have an awesome 2013 3nodding
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Agreed. Spending time with family is the key to a good New Year's Eve, whether you watch the fireworks or not.

Nods nods. Yessy that's true. And having a few drinks and just enjoying that time. It's a once a year thing, so we over enjoy it, I think. rofl
I'm too young to drink. My parents don't drink, and I'm the eldest child, so I've never really seen that side of it.

It's nothing spectacular really. Only on special occasions. So you really aren't missing out on much. I think with me, as I get older, I don't enjoy it as much. So don't rush yourself anytime soon, and don't do it because people tell you to. Do it, because you want to and that it's ok to. 3nodding
You speak good advice, but I don't think I'll ever drink. I'm addicted to books, what would happen if I was exposed to a real drug? I already have depression, and I don't think a depressive would help that at all. Besides that I don't want to mix alcohol with the prescriptions I'm on. Anyways, that's my choice, and I don't condemn those who choose otherwise.

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