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So any New Years resolutions?!

Mine is to get a job so I can make money for myself rather than always have to ask

Wisteria finished dear.
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x P r i m n S t a r s
Do you know when Wisteria will evolve again? ninja

It's fully evolved.
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How would you feel about implementing a Cross-Stitch comment for "Man" items and "Girl items" as separate contests to possibly placate the constant cry for more masculine items?

This feels win-win because you'll have the community's idea of "what a manly item is" and you'll also be getting new ideas in, where the artists (youve hired) wouldnt be to blame if its not what the community pictured perfectly.

Plus it'd be a nice way to get a little less eccentric items into CS
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Hi everyone. And Happy New Year. biggrin

Yay, being New years day here, I get the day off. And wow, I get to attend today's ATA.. rofl

I mentioned in Sisky's Friday thread, but since this is on, I'd like to mention it again. So here goes..

emotion_bigheart Can we have options to buy More Storage outfits savers please ? With the amount of outfits I change per day, I seriously need more. And I bet everyone else does too sweatdrop

emotion_bigheart Can we have a search bar in the storage Locker please. It's a nightmare trying to find something, when there's over a gazillion items in there. The search bar would narrow down the search by thousands of hours of work loads.. gonk

I believe I speak unanimously when mentioning all of the above. 3nodding

Ummm. That's about it for now. And thanks to whoever answers this question. whee
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first whats up gaia staff?
second any goals first the new year?
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Hey sisky-chan.
You should add me. heart
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Happy New Year Eve smile

I am wondering if there is any update to the Timid Achievement for those of us it is still not working for?

Thanks emotion_kirakira
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Warden Watts
So what are your resolutions for the new year? smile
To not limit myself by a resolution
Working on positive changes in general is more important
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I was on Towns earlier this morning, and I noticed that a lot of the town topics were things along the lines of "RIP Original Towns 2013". I'm really curious, are you destroying Towns and/or making major changes to it?
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I have a question regarding the setup of the Apocalypsmas event. Why no balance on the items/rewards this time around? There are three items you get for redeeming ornaments, but only one for destroying, and with that one, you only have to destroy one to get the item. Even the achievement, you need to redeem 25 to get the "redeeming" one but you only need to destroy 17 to get the "destroy" one. I'm not complaining, it doesn't really bother me, but I'm just curious as to why you guys decided to do this. Usually there's equal rewards and items for both sides.
Darien S.
Happy (early) New Year everyone!
Happy new year you fluffyheaded guy you
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So I've cleared my cache, tried entering from my Home. But nothing seems to be allowing me to get into Towns. And I've seen some others having this problem too.

Is this a problem that you know of and are working on, or is there something else I need to be trying?

No problem that I know of. Are you able to get to Rally or Towns 2?
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Holy butt nuggets, page 4 in the first minute.
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Will I get an answer this time? *not official question*

Anyway, I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas ((or whatever you celebrate)) and are having a safe and happy New Year ((says I from the future, MWUA HA HA!))!

1: May we please someday get (even knock-off versions of) Phineas and Ferb items? I know you guys rely on sponsorships, and I have no idea what it would entail to get a Disney sponsorship, but would knock-offs / tribute items get around copyright, or is it just a different agreement of copyright as made between Gaia and the sponsor? I ask because I LOVE Phineas and Ferb, as does my partner; it may be childish but it's funny, and I think there's a lot of potential in P&F items to be had. Heck, if there was ever a P&F RIG, I'd buy lots. It's just that awesome.

Just an example of it's awesomeness:

((changed video to spice things up))

2: Any chance on seeing recolours of Toxic Kitten? I love that item, but sometimes I wish the ribbons were a different colour.

3: Is there any thought on sending cash cards out to other countries in the future? I wouldn't mind seeing Gaia cards in Target (I live in Aus).

4: Did you know the Red Eyeshadow from Masquerade unequip things like Paradise Lost make-up, when the other eyeshadows don't?

5: I've noticed for a while now that there don't seem to be any gold or brown body dyes, despite those colours being available in inks ... any parricular reason for this, or can we expect these in the future?

6: Remember Gaia Theatres? I was going through my journal the other day and found the link to the profile that opens Gulliver's Travels ((I think it worked, but as I was loading another vid at the time I didn't want to wait around to load the full film ... again)), and I was just wondering if that feature would ever be used again. I know you guys incorperated it a lot into our sponsor quests back in 07, and from there it just kinda petered away into the darkness. I don't know if that's due to unpopularity or whatnot, I'm merely curious.
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is there any chance gaia might use their own captchas in the future (like the one for the thanksgiving game)?

I'm asking since last week it was frustrating when the captcha site went down for a little bit.

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