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King Awesomolocity
so what made you all get involved with gaia?

My friend bugging me. xP
~King Awesome

lol..i just found a random link at thats how it started for me

Ah, lol.
~King Awesome
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Magic Senshi

Kagami Noire
Ridley Starsmore
Kagami Noire


Zero Omega

um yes I have been asking for a recolor of gogh reed where the hair color would be black in the zero hair yet I was told that it takes too much effort so I have up. Even now though I have week after week been begging and begging for some long black straight hair in a chance item thats kinda like gogh reed. and I feel mocked because with every new chance item that comes out there is always white hair and every new evolving item lately has had white hair. I honestly feel mocked.

back on the question of re colors. how come I was told it was too hard to re color an item but you guys recolored not one but three items for the one month yet the one small thing I desire has yet to be made?

Also the chance items seem to have been giving less and less out of rare items lately I've yet to have a victory out of any bundle in months. It seems harder and harder to get items. is there any way to fix that?

I posted this earlier and got ohh I dunno...ignored!



Oh god....buddy, let me talk to you about WHITE DANDER EARS.....

yeah but theres plenty of bunny ears. theres hardly any black hair that actually oh i dunno LOOKS GOOD? but true those ears wouldnt be bad in white or black

Black hair that looks good is subjective. >.>
Maybe you can draw some designs on avatars and set up a petition, or something? Staff aren't mind readers, ya know.
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Hello Admins!! Here in Florida it's 8:42 pm, so we still have a couple of hours before 2013. Thanks for the event and items!! I really enjoyed the event this year!! heart
The holidays were great! I collected three adorable Sugar Rush scented plushies from the Disney Store at the mall during the break. Jubileena, Gloyd Orangboar, and Crumbelina. And got another, (Adorabeezle) for Christmas!!! emotion_kirakira

Just two suggestions this time.

1. Item food suggestion is the usual of course. Melon pan, please!!! emotion_dowant

2. Can we please get a black recolor of the Juno's Lace?

I eagerly look forward to Gaia's 10th anniversary and all the new items in 2013!! Have a Happy New Year!! heart
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Hello and happy new years O3o!


Can you add just one more pose to a bunch of the items purchaseable from the buttercup café?
Just a head/mouth-pose, where our avatars can eat the things they buy D;_?
Maybe make the juice-packages hang with just the straw from the mouth and the package dropped on the ground, it would be a-do-re-able emotion_kirakira

Can you add an animated pose to the special rare animal which is released with your RIGs?
Just the animation the thing does while up in the header

Also, can you add more cool foodstuffs to Rina's shop *w* ?
I'm a gaian who loves sweet, sticky, messy, gooey stuff ^_^-!
In the mouth, around the mouth, on the clothes, in the hands, on the floor- so messy deliciousness emotion_kirakira

Also, could you create a store focusing on plushies emotion_kirakira ?

Also, could the artists make a selection of equippable furniture-items, like chairs and beds, i'd L-O-V-E, a pink heart-bed where my avatar can have a seat, or a leopard-dotted one *w*
Or a comfy fake-fur pelt heart emotion_kirakira
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Duke Sean
Thanks Gaia for a really great year!
You guys really worked your butts off in 2012!! Huge respect to all staff, especially @Sisky and @Zero Omega, with your guys help i survived perm ban and hacking lmao hectic year for me. This is the reason i still stay on this site, its because of the staff actually listen and care about its members. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!

Awww, thanks so much for the nice words. We do love helping the community, and are glad we could help you biggrin Happy New Year ^^
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Wow, that is amazing! Any jobs we have available can be found on our corporate page: http://gaiainteractive.com/jobs/

You can also pm me for more information about this biggrin

Curiosity question
to be a part of gaia employee. Are you required to be a US citizen to join the workforce?
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Why are you forcing changes on the rally onto users? What about the users that loves one of the cores of being a gaian and being able to create room in rally? I honestly feel like you guys are telling me to ******** off of Gaia from my 6 years in counting of being a gaian....
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Why wasn't I born to be an Artist. gonk

Dear Lordy, what a stupid question. rofl
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Quotable Gaian

So I have a question for the admins.

1. Some time ago, I was wrongfully banned. I made a ticket and after nearly a year they said that -it- had been a mistake on their behalf as I could prove it that I had not broken the ToS in the manner that they stated. SO my question is this.

IF I was in the clear, why was my account not re-opened? And is still to this day -blocked-...
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First of all, happy new year.

Second of all, for god's sake, are you going to bring back the Zurg ever?
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User Image

Happy New Year~! c:
I'm an illustrator, who has some editorial, commercial, concept art experience and recently this year a children's book I had worked on. I love gaia and would love to be part of your team, how can I be considered? Thanks~

I hope you all are having a very happy new year 3nodding
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wow if thats your art, its amazing! emotion_kirakira

lol thanks, it is my work.

I'd love to see you become a part of gaia's dev / artist team. I hope you make some items that are actually useful unlike all this frilly girl stuff that lack a story that isnt emo or dark
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Some of the achievements are glitched...

I dun like to complain, but plenty of things are buggy. :<
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Kagami Noire
Kagami Noire
mine is ignored as well but yea
I hope you get your request answered noire
uhh yeah they ignore alot especially when I tend to ask the same thing week ...after week...after week...and always get ignored!
you could contact the one who created Gogh reed. I dont know its artist sadly

.__. quite some..umm useful info you gave me there but thanks anyway

Wait, is this about wanting straight, black hairstyles to equip on your avatar? The request has been forwarded along to the appropriate team. Like all item requests, we cannot guarantee it'll get done, but we have put your suggestion forward.
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Ridley Starsmore
Ridley Starsmore

You can set your own speed now. It is under settings in the phone.
I knew that already. I was talking about the DEFAULT speed. I would think most people would want to move around faster than a snail's pace, and new people won't know how to change the speed. It's way too slow.

You know, you say that, but just about every thread I saw during the change was "OMG IM WALKIN 2 FAST!"

Which was both lulz worthy and made me sad about the lack of education in the American school system.

Well, they went to the other extreme and made it too slow, imo. Now it's like you're barely moving at all.
And thus the phrase "You can't please everyone."

Could always start a petition. sweatdrop
Not worth my time. I thought I'd point it out in case they felt like fixing it. To me, the default seems painfully slow. They have it way over on the slow end of the scale. I guess they really think that's how people want to move around(?) The other speed was a little fast, but this seems ridicoulously slow to me -- like the opposite extreme.
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What's the first thing you are going to do on the first day of January?!
I am gonna make peelers take all my Christmas stuff down.... I have lots everywhere... O.O

I have to be up at 4am tomorrow for 6am training. eek

Training at 6 am!!!! eek emotion_0A0 what a drag. Hopefully it won't last too long.

Nah, I love my training! It makes me stronger biggrin

Perlers* melty beads fusion beads whatever you want to call them..... Iron beads even.

My sister used to be all ears for training. I go to the gym 3 times a week and sometimes play dance dance revolution!

- that would be an interesting video with all you staff playing- twisted

Almost closing time.. crying

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