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What are you looking forward to most this year?
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Hello Admins!
My question is, do you guys have any plans of making some sort of bank system for gaia in 2013? I like the idea of having a bank, which in the end would probably be called "Bank of Gambino" since they are gaias big gold-idols. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I think its a good idea to have a bank to store our gold to promote saving up for items that would normally be hard to get. I dont know about moost people but I know for me Out of sight = out of mind! If I cant see my gold I am a lot less likely to spend it. Ive been told you can just keep a trade open with a mule character and stick money in it as you like but if I do that I want to finish the trade each time incase my account ever gets hacked or something. With a bank we could have a seperate password associated with it to make our gold sort of double-secure! Gaia could even do a sort of interest rate where each week or month the bank takes 1-2% of the total gold saved in the users bank. I would be willing to pay between 2-5% each week to have a bank.

So, any plans for a bank or anything similar to a bank?
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Well first of I hope you had an awesome Christmas and are going to have a great New Years.
This time I have 2 questions.

1. Still the ticket problem… Its been 6 months now and Its really getting annoying when I keep seeing “Work in Progress”. You’ve (Admins) told me to PM you my ticket number and I do but for some reason it takes Days even Weeks to know that you’ve at least read it. Which takes me to my next question

2. Why does it take weeks to open a PM. I know you guys are very important in Gaia. But seriously WEEKS. I can get a package from china to the U.S and you still haven’t read it (True story emotion_awesome ) So is it that you have more important things to do (which I do understand) or your procrastinating? (which I do a lot emo ) This question has came up because of how many times I’ve had to stare at my outbox and still see that message.
PS. The first post is almost like what was on Facebook emotion_awesome
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Why are a lot of the admins'/mods' profiles being set to private? (i.e. Lanzer's profile)
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Hiya, I really felt the Christmas event was good this year. I like the love that was given to the anons this time around.

Anyways, I was curious if you guys have any new anime themed items planned for the Mecha Neko next year (which is roughly 7 hours away Cali time now).

Also, are we going to get any more games hosted through Viximo? Particularly Gaia only games. I feel for the people who lost Resort World seeing as this is the exact scenario that happened with Backyard Monsters only 6 months ago.

Also, any idea if the daily chance pop up going to be restored instead of going to a different page that grants the item?
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Hi Sisky! Happy New Year!
The new "Rumble Kitten" has me all kinds of excited for what's to come in the near future. It isn't a phone app only, is it? (though I'm happy it is a phone app, since I my fiancee got an iphone for christmas)


Wuppa Wuppa
I mean seriously...

this isn't fancy
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

and the same freakin' guy...'fancy'....
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Are these automated or something? I mean...why.

this dexter guy needs to get some clothes pronto.

I promised the user whom made this post that I would bring it up in the ATA. Hopefully you guys have some sort of idea what's going on.
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What does Gaia plan on improving through out 2013?
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Do you know when Wisteria will evolve again? ninja
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So any New Years resolutions?!

Mine is to get a job so I can make money for myself rather than always have to ask
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Happy New Year everyone! :3
Thank you for taking care of the site, dear admins and gaia staff! <3
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Isn't there ANY way that gaia could keep towns 1? Q - Q
A lot of town-lurkers [that I know, at least] are pretty annoyed with the new towns 2.
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Hey Sisky, thanks again for the art, and your awesome apocolypsmas thread ^_^

Will pan be around today? There seems to be several HoC questions around atm.

Oh and happy new years!
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1. Do you guys have anything planned for New Years?
2. Since Towns 1 is going away soon, will we still be able to trick-or-treat and carol in Towns 2? I always preferred doing those two activities in Towns more than going through shops.
3. What can we expect for 2013?
4. What is the Partners forum category about? I noticed it on the main forum index page.
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When will there be new Moderators? I see some that never fill out on the reports?
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Hey sisky!

A friend of mine, she has a lot of ideas for the events to come in the main story line. She's kind of...well, she's written her own take on the manga and she keeps throwing it in my face since I'm the only other Gaian friend she knows in Real Life.
Her ideas revolve around stories that coalesce with the plot manga, tie into key holiday events and past events, she's scripted a few announcements between NPC's and she has enlisted the help of a few sprite artists to draw item concepts for her (myself included).
Trouble is, she doesn't want to post any of this stuff in the forums because it would involve "leaking" a story (that is to say, if an admin or Dev DID find it enthralling, they wouldn't really use the idea because everybody would know about it).

I put forth these questions to you then:
How would she be able to contact those who would hear her ideas without having them be known to the public?
Who could she contact to send these ideas to?

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