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Hello everyone!

Lanzer is still away eating sushi in Japan, so I'm making the thread today!

Boy time flew by this year! Not only is this the last day of the year, it is the last ATA for 2012! eek Time flies when you are having fun, right?

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for helping to make this an amazing year for Gaia, and for being such awesome members. Your creativity, compassion for others, humorous posts, and many varied activities have help keep Gaia the most vibrant, witty, friendly and fun community online.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year! Dream big and go bold in 2013. We're sure that whatever your goals for the New Year are, with discipline, patience, effort, and faith in your abilities you'll be able to meet them.

- Sisky
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This will be unlocked when the ATA starts at 5 pm PT biggrin
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I'm feeling things are about to change.User Image
First page BUahaha!
No questions this time, hope all of you admins, developers, artists, and everyone else who visit the thread have a great New Years!


User Image Yeah, I guess this is growing up.
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So I've cleared my cache, tried entering from my Home. But nothing seems to be allowing me to get into Towns. And I've seen some others having this problem too.

Is this a problem that you know of and are working on, or is there something else I need to be trying?
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I have a question regarding Ultra Satan.
I wasn't around for black friday, so I may or may not have missed anything regarding the origins of Ultra Satan, but as soon as I noticed it was on the site it quickly became a favorite item of mine.
I noticed that you guys release Ultra Satan Slippers as well as had ornaments for the X-mas event featuring Ultra Satan.
Will we be seeing more Ultra Satan in upcoming events and/or items, and will Ultra Satan become like a mascot type character like Rock Puppy or perhaps an NPC like Radiojack?

I personally would love to see more of this adorable little cat in the future, and would absolutely love if it became an NPC like character.

As always thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and having ATA's. C:

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Happy New Year!

I'm pleased to see that Resort World is still up and running. Any word from Viximo on why they said they were ending its run on Gaia?
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Hey, just curious, as I've brought it up a few months ago,
but can we get the Gaia post styles fixed?
Apparently, text in the first line or two of a post with the ornate or think
decorations can't be selected or clicked on, affecting links and spoilers.
The think decoration also has a white line that goes through text as well. sweatdrop
Maybe if we get the Xmas event styles added, can we get the older ones
updated and fixed along with them? emotion_kirakira

Also, anyone playing Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward?
Very good game, aside from the damned 3DS save bug!
If not, any good 3DS games that you're playing that you can suggest I play? xd
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happy 2013 new year gaia. 13 is a good number in chinese culture. hope you find a lot of growth and opportunity in the coming year.
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I just want to say hi ok exclaim exclaim exclaim
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Happy New Year! Thanks for all your hard work making Gaia great! heart
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Afternoon, I have a question, is it really true today’s the final day for towns 1? I heard rumors that it will be gone…. This year 2012 was actually fun (: on the side of huge sales on this awesome ei bundle number 6, fair and awesome finale for ending this year with huge sales on masquerades, secret retreat, new reve, also dappy dandy! Also concerning the bundles, I understand about the huge difference between ei’s and ci bundles. But, are you guys planning to add more ei bundles for next year? Hoping for a oisin blessings gen 2 in my opinion… happy 2013 gaia and btw, aww Lanzer can’t make it to the ata day D: >w< sushi is good xD well, happy new years to everyone and hello 2013!
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"...of the crooked timber of humanity...

The "Timid" achievement is glitched and not granting for a number of us (click here for more information). Not only is the achievement not granting, the counter is remaining at 0/11. I have filed a bug report.
Is there anything being done to resolve this glitch?

...no straight thing was ever made."

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