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Can I be a mod, too
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A big thank you to Zero Omega for getting this and two other accounts of mine unbanned after being accused of some nefarious things.

I should be studying for my molecular biology final but instead I will ask:
Favorite holiday tune?
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Hey Admin team!
I asked last time about when the new ten dollar EI was planned to be released and got ignored. I was wondering if I could get an answer this time around?
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Dear Staff:
Thank you for bring us the ponies at year's end~ yum_puddi

Will the 'edit' button for the Arenas ever be changed? emotion_kirakira Many regulars have waited for months for implemented change to no avail yet.

As for plans, I hope to see some snow in NY this winter~
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The artist will probably get hundreds of request for separate post of heart Four Ponies of the Apocalypse heart , so I'll skip it. I do have to say even though I know it's a long shot I'd love more Apocalypse Pony items. Wigs(or the bow in the case of Death Pony) would be wonderful.
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can you pretty pweeze tell us wats gunna be here on christmas?

No! That's against the Christmas spirit!
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My aunt is coming to visit.
Thank you so much for connecting Virtual Hollywood, Towns, and Rallies together. It means a lot to have the community connected more and ignore the hateful comments in forums. Gaians just take awhile to react to change, that’s all. I love the my little pony event item too, it’s so cute.

1) Since you can move from zOMG! to Towns, could the ability to move from towns to zOMG! be included with the Towns 2 update?

Probably not.

2) Could we get pets that interact in our houses for Towns 2?

I wish!

3) How many new games can we expect for next year?

as many as we have time for. 2013, should be a good year for games.

Shoot sorry one more.

4) Can we get female Heralds for HOC?

Ask Panagrammic.
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Recently I have been becoming uninterested in Gaiaonline, and starting to get pissed off at the community here because I am aging. Not connecting as easily I was when I was younger, and etc.

Is there a probability that there will be a new flash space, forum, or something to revamp older users who are losing interest in the site?
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Haro admins.

Can I ask that we get a seperate poses for
each of the ponies in the newest Apocalyptic Pony item?

I would love to have that, please make it possible.
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Can you guys give me a bunch of screenies of how gaia was back in 03? Or can there be a day to commemorate the beginning of gaia where everything goes back to the same way it was back in 03 for an entire day? <3
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Hey admins I got a question,
What do you pay your mods with?
Sunshine and rainbows and unicorn and sugar. And lots of coffee.
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Oooh~ In 7 years of Gaia, I've never attended an Ask the Admin. First time for everything! ^w^
So, admins, my question for you: In the Heralds of Chaos game (which I've currently been addicted to classified_fu ) is there a way to prevent getting stuck on the Pre-Battle page? I've noticed it hasn't improved, so I was curious if there was a way to work around it?
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Also, My Little Pony Item:
I'm not a fan of the show and think it's weird the obsession some people have
However, that item - I love it!!
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What would you all do in a swarm of bats got into your building?
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Will we be able to carol in the shops for items like previous years?

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