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Think sometime in the future we'd be able to trade gaia cash?

Thanks, thats all I have to ask off the top of my head.

confused as to what you mean by trade in?

Oh. what I mean is,

Being able to use the gaia trading system for new means.
instead of trading gold for items through trade system,

would trading gaia cash to other players in the trading system become possible in the near future?
oh! like in a trade, be able to trade GC with users as well as gold ad items. i think they've just avoided that question for a while D=

Ah.. Well then!

Other than this, I have no further questions. biggrin
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I only just noticed the dev alert for AtA o=

Are you guys cold up there?

A fair number of folks 'round here are, in fact, cold. However, those of us that have lived in northern climes before coming to California are quite all right! 3nodding
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Merry Christmas from Waffles!

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1. Lanzer: Will Waffles be on your Christmas cards? I think he'd look really cute in a Santa hat.

jhjkjkljkljkljjlk BEST. CARD. EVER!!! x'3
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega

Everypony knows the truth :3


One of us always tells the truth. The other mostly lies... ninja

You lie.

I'm not the one hiding the unicorn plush~ twisted

Dunno what you're talking about, it's not mine.
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Last minute hugs from any Gaia staff? ; w ;
All I want for Christmas on Gaia. emotion_kirakira
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Just wanna say THANK YOU TO Dlin for the awesome art for Modmas. (Someone let her know for meh?)

Also cannot wait for a certain Admin to go female. HA! XD

Merry Christmas guys! Keep on keepin' on dudes! (and dudetes) wink

We'll let her know. smile
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This is a bit late, but the events that took place on the 14th were truly tragic. I'm not certain if anyone's said much here about it, but would there happen to be an official memorial post for those lost? It wouldn't need to be anything big. A lot of us in the U.S. have been distraught by this event. My heart goes out to those families.
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.::Santa Baby, I Been An Awful Good Girl::.
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In the past I lost two avatars because I logged in from a different place ( was at my daughter's house) The first was Pickles12 and the second was IamPickles12.. I have an avatar now under Pickles0012 but I lost all the stuff that I had accumulated under the other avatars.
Question ..is there any way that my stuff can be credited to my present avatar that replaced the two old ones? They still both appear on the page to befriend but evidently, they don't accept my request! I had some cool stuff that i lost!!
Please respond to this message! Is there any way to recuperate my stuff! Thanks!

Sounds like something you might want to file a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help for, the staff there should be able to help you.

Don't know how to proceed in ''My Ticket''

In the search section, look for "Contact Us" and then select the topic that says "Contact Us." Scroll to the bottom of that topic and you should see, "Can't find your answer? Click here" and then "click here."

Tried that...only got sent to some outside service....want help from Gaia , not elsewhere!!
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King Awesomolocity
King Awesomolocity
Aquarium Holiday Snow in Booty Grab Bounty Hunter would be cool. ninja
Wouldn't take to much editing I would assume since it should still be in the code...
~King Awesome

Quoted for good measure.
~King Awesome
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I love the pony item!! emotion_bigheart Can we expect more in the future? emotion_kirakira
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Nymphadora Tonks Airman

Granted, my heart goes out to the families of the children killed in that shooting, but does anyone even remember the shooting that went on the day before in Washington? u_u I watched it, too :3 My tears flow like water when it comes to hearing about the death of a child.
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Supreme Yogurt Ninja
I only just noticed the dev alert for AtA o=

Are you guys cold up there?

It is a bit cold out, but since I move from Wisconsin to work for Gaia, I can't complain too much.
Good choice, I must say.
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Queen Kianra
I'm not saying mods don't do a good job. and I'm not here to argue, as I already said.
And honestly, I'm not all that impressed with the new items either, but it's all opinion. Your opinion is they're doing a good job.
My opinion is that Gaia has been going downhill since a year after GC was introduced. Opinion. But never once did I say I don't appreciate mods. I do. They do a wonderful job here on Gaia, and I appreciate their hard work. Try not to assume things next time, please? I have had enough of people assuming things about me in the past day.

Well you sure as heck weren't complimenting their work. What do you expect? You go around calling their hard work "Crap" "Lazy" "Annoying" and "Irritating". All of which have negative connotation, therefore my 'assumption' had logical base-- that was more on you. But I do agree that it's opinion-- but at the same time, you're bound to upset people if you go around insulting the mods. That one's common sense. Not to mention, ever heard of
If you have nothing nice to say, then just say nothing at all

I get putting forth your problems, but do it with some class, neh? I apologize if I got worked up and offended, you though-- although I'm not lying when I say you weren't exactly innocent yourself.

On a more pleasant note:: I love your avi, and I hope you have a very, merry christmas!
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My Christmas plans involve my mom's side of the family getting together on Christmas Eve. (We already had my dad's family party last night.)

Question 1) To Lanzer: what is your favorite sushi and do you have other recommendations for other sushi to try?

Question 2) What would happen if there were flying undergarments in the World of Gaia?
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Last minute hugs from any Gaia staff? ; w ;
All I want for Christmas on Gaia. emotion_kirakira

emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug

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