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Id like to ask everyone to have a merry christmas. and to clean out your fireplaces this year cus its a pain to wash all the soot from my suit burning_eyes
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I’ve got a question, when is the X-mas event going to begin? Next week is X-mas.
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Are you going to make mobile loading for gaia credits on philipines? question question
King Awesomolocity
King Awesomolocity
Questions for everyone:
What is your greatest personal Gaia achievement?
What is your most popular Gaia achievement?
What is your favorite way of getting gold?
How often do you actually "quest" for an item?

My answers:
Getting 10,000,000 gold.
My Aquarium Tools.
Quite often.
~King Awesome

Q3: Vending. It's very easy. But you gotta have patients. :3

I like hoarding. xP
It's easier. You can't make as much though, without a large amount of capital to invest with.
~King Awesome

Good point.
But does it always work?
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What happened to Panagrammic?
He's like MIA right now o3o

Panagrammic was here 2 ATA's ago. Right now he is working hard on HoC, and the game is close to finishing beta now. Can't wait!

Any word on how adding people to the game is going?

User Image
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How goes the christmas shopping?

And we need more I AM poses where the character is sleeping. I enjoy this lazy look while playing zOMG.

I am almost finished my holiday shopping, but some of the items have not been delivered yet, which is annoying me! And thanks for the suggestion for more "I AM" poses - I'll pass it along!
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First off let me start by saying, Merry Christmas to all you admin and staff of Gaia! I love the theme for the event so far all these weird items, but when do we get to go caroling at the shops? Are we going to get any Christmas apparel in the Gold Shops?
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Celebrating Gaian

Good evening!

I was wondering if Gaia HQ has considered making a winter themed Friends Chat space! I think it would be really cool to have that option! biggrin
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What are you guys getting for yourself on Christmas? whee
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Do you ever plan on changing the look of the site?
Such as the layout?

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Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas or a happy whatever you celebrate.

Myself, i am enjoying my first Christmas in Canada. And it is starting to snow just in time o:
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Just wanted to stop by to say thanks to the artist who made these cute ponies and Happy Holidays to the Gaia Staff!
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Zero Omega
Hello. This is my first time in the ATA. I've got a very worrying issue that I want your staff to address.


In September, I got banned for 14 days for making an Avatar that fit the theme of a P e d o phile. This such account was (II Verda II).
After my ban, I made a thread in the CB asking for Avatar advice on that certain Avatar.

In early November, I tried to assess my accounts but I couldn't because they have been both banned.
Since I haven't checked my email in over 4 months, all of my emails have been deleted.
The email regarding my ban was also deleted.
I filled a ticket, asking that the Gaia-staff resend the email back, so I can see why my accounts were banned.
It turned out that I got banned for making that thread that I mentioned about earlier.



I also consulted with two other staff members before I talked to Ray, they didn't even bother to reply after I asked them some simple Questions...
I asked the staff (Ray) question 1 and 4, who helped me with re-sending the email. He has yet to reply.

Q1) Why were TWO accounts banned, not one? Remember only ONE account was involved in the crime..

Q2) Why didn't I get another warning before I was perma-banned?

Q3) Why was I banned for 14 days in the first place? Remember, Gaia did make does items, I don't recall anyone mentioning about how you can use items in a specific way to get banned. Am I wrong? Or does Gaia need to change it's rules?

Q4) Why didn't I get a second warning before I got banned? Was having the word 'p e d o phile' in a the title of a thread really that offensive to be perma-banned for?
It's WAY to harsh if you ask me.

Q5) Is there anyway for Gaia to get all the items from my two accounts onto this one?


I'm sorry if this is to long, but I have to include ALL this information.

I would really like you guys to answer my Questions above.
If you need any additional information, please ask.

I feel as though I was mistreated by your staff, being ignored by three staff members in a row isn't what I call good customer service.

Your rules are also very harsh, I think you people need to change your banning system so that it's more user-friendly, because, at the end of the day, even though the small-term problem is eliminate/dealt with, the user will come back with an even more aggressive attitude towards Gaia and it's staff

Please give me my accounts back?
I would feel deeply unhappy if I didn't even get a reply for this.

I'll answer your questions in a general sense as I'm not completely familiar with your case.

1/2. Some offenses are so egregious that we do not send out a warning to the member before banning. Such offenses include, but are not limited to, hacking and posting password phishing links.

3. While we do allow creative freedom when creating an avatar, creating one that is sexually explicit or makes light of issues like child abuse and exploitation are not allowed.

4. Similar answer to 1/2.

5. If an account has been banned and we find the ban to be justified then the items cannot be moved onto another account. The items are considered forfeit as you violated the rules.

As for this ticket, send me the ticket ID and I can look into the status of your ticket.

Ok, thanks for answering the Questions.
But I would still like an apology for getting ignored.

My Ticket WAS dealt with, but the person re-sending the email to me didn't reply when I asked some of those Questions.
I can't access the account that filled the ticket.
It was banned this morning ._.

Could you reply to this?

You can reply to the e-mail that you got with every reply. Send me the name of the account you filed the ticket with and I can look it up.
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Can I have hugs? emotion_awesome
Anyone in my siggy that I haven't gotten? emotion_kirakira
All I want for Christmas from mods/admins. ^

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