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Hello and Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing you all Merry Christmas early as next Monday will be Christmas Eve, and we'll all be off celebrating Christmas with our families and friends. I'll be heading off to Japan at the end of week, and if the world does not end on the 21st, I'll land safely in Japan and eating my year's worth of sushi. biggrin What are your Christmas plans? Got places to travel or enjoying family company?

Christmas event is around the corner. Be sure to stick around for the "EVENT THAT ENDS ALL EVENTS!!!"
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First off let me say User Image for improving the listing page! It took me for surprise while testing it that when you make a mistake in your listing,that it now has a checkbox stating that it's a misprice.User Image
I imagine this will cut back on reports regarding misprices in the future and will save a lot of people from losing something they worked so hard to get.
The layout is fantastic and it gives a more accurate up to date Average buy price and lowest buy price,also lists a shop price if one exists for the item..you guys really out did yourselves with this one,count me impressed. User Image

This change is greatly appreciated and it will go on to help many users, thank you so much!"

I am very happy and very grateful for these improvements to the site,
but not quite for the 6 month Inactive account blocking User Image, if you could increase the time frame to 12 months like some email providers do , it would be a little less tedious.

I wish all of you Gaia Staff, Gaians and all of my friends (Specially to IIwizardeigesII) A wonderful and Happy holidays! User Image I imagine you'll be spending with people who are important in your life, that special day of the year we thank the ones we love for being in our lives and spread cheer and joy to those less fortunate.User Image
We never know if this will be the last x-mas we spend with them,so cherish every second.

mis mejores deseos
Hello. This is my first time in the ATA. I've got a very worrying issue that I want your staff to address.


In September, I got banned for 14 days for making an Avatar that fit the theme of a P e d o phile. This such account was (II Verda II).
After my ban, I made a thread in the CB asking for Avatar advice on that certain Avatar.

In early November, I tried to assess my accounts but I couldn't because they have been both banned.
Since I haven't checked my email in over 4 months, all of my emails have been deleted.
The email regarding my ban was also deleted.
I filled a ticket, asking that the Gaia-staff resend the email back, so I can see why my accounts were banned.
It turned out that I got banned for making that thread that I mentioned about earlier.



I also consulted with two other staff members before I talked to Ray, they didn't even bother to reply after I asked them some simple Questions...
I asked the staff (Ray) question 1 and 4, who helped me with re-sending the email. He has yet to reply.

Q1) Why were TWO accounts banned, not one? Remember only ONE account was involved in the crime..

Q2) Why didn't I get another warning before I was perma-banned?

Q3) Why was I banned for 14 days in the first place? Remember, Gaia did make does items, I don't recall anyone mentioning about how you can use items in a specific way to get banned. Am I wrong? Or does Gaia need to change it's rules?

Q4) Why didn't I get a second warning before I got banned? Was having the word 'p e d o phile' in a the title of a thread really that offensive to be perma-banned for?
It's WAY to harsh if you ask me.

Q5) Is there anyway for Gaia to get all the items from my two accounts onto this one?


I'm sorry if this is to long, but I have to include ALL this information.

I would really like you guys to answer my Questions above.
If you need any additional information, please ask.

I feel as though I was mistreated by your staff, being ignored by three staff members in a row isn't what I call good customer service.

Your rules are also very harsh, I think you people need to change your banning system so that it's more user-friendly, because, at the end of the day, even though the small-term problem is eliminate/dealt with, the user will come back with an even more aggressive attitude towards Gaia and it's staff

Please give me my accounts back?
I would feel deeply unhappy if I didn't even get a reply for this.
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This is for codemonkey if he's here tonight

Last year's Christmas update gave us trees and ornaments of every color. I planned on decking my halls for every occasion, but there are a few things that have prevented me from doing so. When you select a tab in the editor, you must click through each page arrow by arrow. When you select an item, say, one light for your tree, it automatically closes the window so you can actually see your home, but upon reopening the window, it brings you back to the first page, requiring you to click through all those other pages again to get the next lightbulb. It's way too labor intensive to actually enjoy decorating my home anymore. I won't kid and say I understand what goes into making small changes, but something needs to change. My suggestions:

~ A scroll bar instead of arrows at the bottom. The whole inventory appears to be loaded at once anyways, so this would help in quickly jumping from one area of items to the next
~ Item 'stacking'. I've a dozen lights of several colors and would happily buy more, but each bulb is an individual item. Scrolling through pages upon pages of lightbulbs is not fun. Why can we not have each color take up just one slot with an indicator at the bottom saying how many are left for use?
~ Inventory arrangement. I have spent some time organizing my inventory, and was disappointed that my housing inventory did not carry over. This would at least allow me to prioritize item display.

I know it's been said before that you don't have time to do many of the things you'd like to do, but in my opinion, housing will hold back T2's potential if it remains as is.
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What happened to Panagrammic?
He's like MIA right now o3o
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

- Gaia Glitching on Chrome: Has this problem been looked into yet? Thread about the problem can be found here.

- Alchemy: Please, leave alchemy formulas out of chance items. Especially since the system is still flawed and needs work. Grievances about this can be found here.
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Is there any way to persuade someone to separate the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse into four different poses? The item is very nice, but having all ponies equipped at once crowds most avatars. If the ponies could be separated, they'd be much more usable. (I thought I'd ask since the item was released just today)
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No, still alive! We're all busy with a big update to HoC and a plague of holiday illnesses.

What happened to Panagrammic?
He's like MIA right now o3o
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(Warning. Constant in-character babbling below.)

Zim: Huuuh? What is this place of smelly filth? I am ZIIIIIIIM and I demand to know what this is all about! emotion_omnomnom

GIR: OOOOOOOOO! You gotta ask 'em a question! 4laugh

Zim: Zim? Ask a pig smelly human questioooons? They should be asking ME questions! ASK ZIIIIM!


Zim: GIR! Be quiet so these, pig smellies, can worship the ground of which I stand!


Zim: GIRRR! scream

GIR: *backs away*

Zim: Ahem. All of you human leaders of Gaia, when can I expect to see me rule all over this place!? I MUST HAVE ITEMS OF ME! ZIIIIIM!

GIR: They have some of me!

Zim: I know, and this is why I must thank the human scum that run this place for allowing me to reign DOOM all over with the upcoming APOCALYPMAS! REVENGE FOR NOT HAVING ITEMS OF ZIM!


Zim: Be warned, smelly humans, for I have come to destroy you all on Friday! AH-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!

GIR: *goes up to Gaia staff and hugs them all* I love you....

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My aunt is coming to visit.
Thank you so much for connecting Virtual Hollywood, Towns, and Rallies together. It means a lot to have the community connected more and ignore the hateful comments in forums. Gaians just take awhile to react to change, that’s all. I love the my little pony event item too, it’s so cute.

1) Since you can move from zOMG! to Towns, could the ability to move from towns to zOMG! be included with the Towns 2 update?

2) Could we get pets that interact in our houses for Towns 2?

3) How many new games can we expect for next year?

Shoot sorry one more.

4) Can we get female Heralds for HOC?
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Questions for everyone:
What is your greatest personal Gaia achievement?
What is your most popular Gaia achievement?
What is your favorite way of getting gold?
How often do you actually "quest" for an item?

My answers:
Getting 10,000,000 gold.
My Aquarium Tools.
Quite often.
~King Awesome
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the 12 days of apocalypsmas item, the 4 ponies of the apocalypse, can we get separate poses for each pony?
King Awesomolocity
Questions for everyone:
What is your greatest personal Gaia achievement?
What is your most popular Gaia achievement?
What is your favorite way of getting gold?
How often do you actually "quest" for an item?

My answers:
Getting 10,000,000 gold.
My Aquarium Tools.
Quite often.
~King Awesome

Q3: Vending. It's very easy. But you gotta have patients. :3
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No, still alive! We're all busy with a big update to HoC and a plague of holiday illnesses.

What happened to Panagrammic?
He's like MIA right now o3o
Yay! Not dead xD
Illness: it's the holiday music, right? Makes me sick too ._O

Anyway, looking forward >.>

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