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Admins don't let children get to you. There just impatient and mad that you took away there toy and are trying to fix it. Keep up the good work. Those of us who appreciate the work you do , thank you and like the changes made.
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Ridley Starsmore
Two...any sort of heads up on when the Xmas event is starting? This week or next week?
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There's approximately a 66.666666666666666666666666666666666666666...7% chance that it will start this week or next.
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User ImageI can't think of much to complain about with the newest flash space updates. I look forward to seeing more.

I just wish Housing had smoother movement controls... and bring back "humping". XD
Hi. I'm wondering whether Monster Galaxy is abandoned...?
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Hello everyone! It's been a lovely weekend seeing all the Christmas decorations everywhere, and people happily carrying home their Christmas trees. Have you got a Christmas tree at home?

Today we introduced Towns 2 to Rally, though there are still a lot of polishing to do and bugs to fix. We're listening to all your feedback and would appreciate anything more specific. There will be a lot of enhancements coming so your opinion matters a lot.

Welcome to ATA!

why have you decided to make all those change to town,rally etc..suddenly?

and also since when were you working on it and were it all come from like the smartphone wich i think is pretty cool^^
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Is anything new going to happen with the Writing and Art arena? I asked before, but I was skipped. I mean, it's just so badly needed for an update and more organized. I walk in and there is stuff that has been removed and dates are never recent.
I feel like it wouldn't be so neglected if it was updated.
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II BlazeoftheCookies II
Hello admin, just a few things I would like to say to you. 1. Thank you for getting my hacked account back! I have been looking forward to this for months! 2. Should I file a hacking report? Cause my stuff is gone.. =w=

Yeppers, file a hacking report and report the missing items biggrin
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Yuma Obito
Question: Uh, if botting is where you have buttons to do things automatically, then is meebo a type of botting?

Meebo doesn't do things automatically.
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What's gonna happen to Bid Blast?

They've stated already that Bid Blast is going to be scrapped in the future.

What about the tickets that people already have? sweatdrop
I think missed the announcement.

Uncle Kenny JUST answered these 2 questions you've asked.

1. Bid Blast is in the process of being demolished.
2. Tickets will be redeemed.
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Uesugi Ankit
Pointless first post. cool

Well, not really, I mean, its point was to be the first post right? eek

Sisky!!! That contest you mentioned on friday, does it start soon?
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I Highly dislike the new update on the flash spaces
Why change it from how it was before, the walking is terrible.
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Hi Lanzer, yes we have a tree up, two in fact, one real and one artificial. Say does waffles have a tree?
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So when is the Android app going to be available for EVERY user. I have 2 phones a ZTE concord my main phone has a .825 processor but i over clock it to 1.0 GHZ and i hate not being able to be online from my phone when will this be fixed?
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Is being an admin stressful? Do you enjoy it?
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A Rally question:

Will racing ever return? D:

how does the little PDA thingie work?

how do we follow friends in rally when we know they are in rally and they want us to follow them but they show as offline on the PDA thingie?

We are having some issues with friends on the smart phone at the moment.

Racing will indeed return. I've got most of the new game done. I'd like to put some new items in as well. Any suggestions?

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