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hey admins!
I was wondering if you had anything interesting planned for a christmas event. Any spoilers?

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Sahliel Vaengbal
Ello Admins some concerns

1) Loading time for the new vh/rally/towns 2 bundle is it supposed to take more than 10 mins to transition from the starting point in the vh to the cab

No, it isn't. I'll keep an eye on it. For now, please refresh.
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Any new updates on the ipod vs of gaia with my suggestions???? biggrin
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Hello admin team!
I was curious when were going to see a new expensive EI released. As much as I love all these REIs being released, I miss having one that has 10-13 evolutions.
I had a question regurding animated items. I wondered if you was going to add more animated weapons, weather elements(like you did with the thunder storm one) or make a animated ocean like back ground or let our avi's sit or stand in and moving waves/splashes? smile or any other new animated items?
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A Rally question:

Will racing ever return? D:

how does the little PDA thingie work?

how do we follow friends in rally when we know they are in rally and they want us to follow them but they show as offline on the PDA thingie?
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Sweet Angel Mary
Can we get an animated toy train item?

I would love that! *hint*hint* my artist friends.

Do you have a model train by any chance?

I've got two as I'm pretty sure my mom got them for me. One is for my xmas village, but i don't have a place to set it up.
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Epic Kassi

Actually we do like the change.
We really do.
A lot.
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I have a layering issue with an Alchemy item. I posted it in the thread in SF, but nothing ever came of it. It's Jellyfish Dress and the bow from SDPlus #171 Butterfly. They unequip each other, and it's a shame because I think they'd be cute together. The bow doesn't unequip any other tops to my knowledge, so I think it's an issue with the dress. If someone could take a look at it, that'd be lovely. heart

And good luck with the Flash spaces thing. lol
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Uncle Kenny
Any Christmas event being plotted (hopefully with some achievements)?
Update to BidBlast at any point? Or adding new items?

Yep, more will be revealed soon!

We are in the process of removing BidBlast from the site completely so there will be no new items added. We'll have a way to redeem existing tickets for gold soon. The new way of distributing items is now through Flynn's Store.

with bidblast, what if we have unused tickets? will they be used for anything or deleted? >>
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Hello Admins~

1) I wanted to ask what is with the new Rally system?
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Krissim Klaw
Since everyone else has pressing questions about Rally, I thought now would be the perfect time to ask when do you plan to make Gaia more accessible to praying mantises? My mantises have a hard time navigating towns with their itty bitty bug claws and they can’t seem to catch any of the insects off the screen. They also want to know how they are suppose to express themselves when there are no praying mantis insect based companion items for them to equip. What plans do you have to remedy this? emotion_eyebrow

Please keep in mind that praying mantises make up at least. .00000000000000001% of your userbase. Do you really want to alienate them?

Just you wait for the next praying mantis event, featuring a 30 page manga with a whole cast of mantises, and the free mantis items will be spectacular!
I...I want to read that SO BAD.
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Hello admin, just a few things I would like to say to you. 1. Thank you for getting my hacked account back! I have been looking forward to this for months! 2. Should I file a hacking report? Cause my stuff is gone.. =w=
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bonking the thread!

You thread bonker! gonk
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Uncle Kenny
a Fishing/Bucket Saving Glitch: Has anybody looked into this yet? Thread about the problem can be found here.

It's a known issue but it's likely not something we'll be able to fix or resolve until Fishing is rewritten and updated to AS3.
Oh. Can you tell me when this will happen?

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