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Hi everyone.

So my questions are:

1) How can we show the Camera Secret poses from Modus Operandi EI?

2) Can the Back Alley Bargains store be fixed in zOMG! please? (It's a bug that can affect your revenue.)

3) Can we please get female heralds for Hoc?
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Ello Admins some concerns

1) Loading time for the new vh/rally/towns 2 bundle is it supposed to take more than 10 mins to transition from the starting point in the vh to the cab
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Can we get more teddy bears?
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Alot of people are really hating the new rally
Alot of people are quitting too about this
Is there anyway you can bring the old rally back?
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Uesugi Ankit
Pointless first post. cool

Well, not really, I mean, its point was to be the first post right? eek

Whoa then it wasn't a total waste refreshing the GCD for like 5 minutes! O:
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Lanzer will you please have a romantic dinner with me?
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Scurvy Pirate

Any Christmas event being plotted (hopefully with some achievements)?
Update to BidBlast at any point? Or adding new items?

Yep, more will be revealed soon!

We are in the process of removing BidBlast from the site completely so there will be no new items added. We'll have a way to redeem existing tickets for gold soon. The new way of distributing items is now through Flynn's Store.
Change the rally back to original form http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/welcome-to-gaia/make-gaia-rally-back-to-original-form/t.83699873/?_gaia_t_=3934
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Celebrating Gaian

What's the deal with Display Friends? I want to edit it!
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So! I asked Sisky this, but she had no idea! I will ask here.

So, we all know that the Philosopher's Cache was updated, but the same cant be said for the Alchemist's Case. Okay, yeah, a few formulae were moved to the shops, but that should have been a given from the get-go. What I want to know is if the Case will get the same update as the Cache and give out different tiers? (Red Case, Blue Case, Gold Case, etc)
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Sweet Angel Mary
Can we get an animated toy train item?

I would love that! *hint*hint* my artist friends.

Do you have a model train by any chance?
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1. Are you guys gonna do any more Wii giveaways (or maybe another console)?

2. "I am Waffles" pose/item.

3. What're your plans for the holidays?
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Why the changes to rally/hollywood?
It really affects me, and I'd like a reason.
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What's gonna happen to Bid Blast?

They've stated already that Bid Blast is going to be scrapped in the future.
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Hello admins!! The holidays are almost upon us.
This weekend I finally saw Wreck-It Ralph!! It was great!! heart
Yes, we've already got our tree during the last week of November. It's at least 7ft!!

1. Do you think in the future we could get handheld plushies/side companions of the school mascots in the House Pride Item? I would love to hold the DurePuff mascot, it's so cute!! heart
2. Have you ever considered using the banners from previous RIGS, and turning them into actual background items for our avatars?
3. Can we please get a black recolor of the Juno's Lace?
4. Can we get more Xmas/winter backgrounds this year? Like a background with a fireplace and tree with presents underneath. Or a mall background to go holiday shopping in, with shopping bags/boxes for our avatars to carry around? And presents and toys too!!
5. Is CrosStitch going to be the only shop updating this month? Are we going to have another garage sale update too, last year?
6. Could we get more candy cane stockings in different colors. If not this year, then maybe consider this for next year.
7. Will Rina get fruitcake in her Cafe this year?
8. Can we get more earmuffs like in Frosted Affection in the GS this year? Winter gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters, boots would be loved too!!

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