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underneath the moon, underneath the stars

ATA reminds me of when I used to own a site. Good times, good times.

why isn't there a lava lamp item? Gaia needs a lava lamp item. The masses need a lava lamp item.

Here's a little heart for you

^This!!!! heart

And maybe a record player with records too!! And tie-dye shirts as well!! emotion_kirakira
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One year in the making.
Having to buy into the ridiculous rise of gold caches to feed those making alchemy more difficult than it has to be.
Total:50-53million in cost to finish erebus moon.

Thanks alchemy for being such a female dog in heat,I will never touch alchemy again..never .

Might as well have made backwings..

I've also heard that someones level 10 erebus formula failed 27 times,what do you have to say about the ridiculous craft rate AND PRICE about these formulas?

I'm not made of gold and not everyone is,how do you plan on making alchemy approachable by those other than the super rich without devaluing the crap out of everything we have already made?

Agreed, many time you might as well buy the item itself, though we can't blame Gaia for the rising market place prices/

:edit: I'm not a mod, why am i commenting? whee

Your feedback is still appreciated.
How can you buy something that barely exists due to such a low quantity?
The fail attempts is what did me in,it's ridiculous.

They could just listen to us doing alchemy and do out with chance or make each fail increase the odds of success.
They know alchemy is broken and have known since it's creation yet barely any attention to it.
Also thanks for killing off mtv and rally,I can see what's more important. emotion_donotwant
Yeah i'm pretty pissed about alchemy and how things no one wants has a higher priority.

50mil the things you could do.
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Blessed Prophet

there needs to be more clothes for centaurs XD
Sweet Angel Mary
Since the gold grant had to be taken down for the facebook games, does that mean that those playing summer springs won't ever be granted gold for leveling up before it closes?

Sorry we can't grant gold because of the recent policy change. We're looking into whether or not we can make it happen without a link on Facebook.
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How much time does Gaia Online take out of your life?

On a good week 40 hours. This week took a bit more.

Worth it?

It depends on who you ask, Lol. I spent the extra time on the new Rally and Hollywood.
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+


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Zero Omega
Dear admin. Is it normal for the people on fancy avatar section to be naked? And not just a day either.

Are you talking about Daily Chance or the Featured Avatar?
About the daily chance.

Also how do you guys pick the ones from daily chance?
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Will trash/bugs/flowers/etc be in towns 2?

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Will there ever be recolors of some of the really popular EIs, like Masquerade or Picolitrosso's Urn?

A pastel and/or dark-toned masq would be really cool, especially with different bangs/lips!
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Uncle Kenny
Uncle Kenny
Any Christmas event being plotted (hopefully with some achievements)?
Update to BidBlast at any point? Or adding new items?

Yep, more will be revealed soon!

We are in the process of removing BidBlast from the site completely so there will be no new items added. We'll have a way to redeem existing tickets for gold soon. The new way of distributing items is now through Flynn's Store.

with bidblast, what if we have unused tickets? will they be used for anything or deleted? >>


argh. i was expecting "soon" or something not a wink. now i can't play the ata drinking game. *holds onto tickets like all the other useless tickets in inventory* xd
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gonk The sky is falling!!!!!!
Hello Admins!
I've been hearing rumors that there is going to be new item out for the pepper n mint doll hair. Is that true?
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Uncle Kenny
Uncle Kenny
a Fishing/Bucket Saving Glitch: Has anybody looked into this yet? Thread about the problem can be found here.

It's a known issue but it's likely not something we'll be able to fix or resolve until Fishing is rewritten and updated to AS3.
Oh. Can you tell me when this will happen?

There's currently no ETA for that I'm afraid. We're focusing all our Flash resources on getting Towns 2 up to speed along with other changes that today's update allowed for.
Thanks for the reply.
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gaia_diamond Is there ever hope of a perma-banned account to be reactived and given back to the original owner?

They can try to appeal their ban at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help, but otherwise, no, we're not going to just unban all permabanned accounts.
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Uncle Kenny
We'll have a way to redeem existing tickets for gold soon.

with bidblast, what if we have unused tickets? will they be used for anything or deleted? >>


hi you. *shares cookies* >>


*makes hot chocolate*

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