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Can we get an animated toy train item?
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I would love to have a Christmas tree at home, but my family celebrates Chanukah, so we have an unattractive menorah to use. xp It seems the only person that really cares anymore about it is my father for the tradition and my brother for the presents.

One week closer to the prophesied Apocalypse! emotion_awesome

1. -insert what I have been posting about in AtA for months-

2. Is there any way to create a thread somewhere to explain, in better detail, what the new update to Rally, Virtual Hollywood, and Towns 2 implies for now and the future? SF has exploded with threads expressing dislike for the new changes, and I think it would alleviate some of the anger the regulars of these areas have if they knew more than just what changes were made and what bugs were known about.

3. Anything more that can be shared about the supposed changes to Alchemy and the general idea of when they will be implemented?

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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I'm kinda disappointed with the new rally.
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Ren Orenji Doragon

*SDPlus ### Marshall

this this this!
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Uesugi Ankit
Pointless first post. cool

Well, not really, I mean, its point was to be the first post right? eek
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Hello fellow Admins, Devs, the whole staff..

Just stopping by in hopes for an update on a few things;

Achievements, any update on the integration with games like zOMG!, Fishing, etc.? Really wanting those hard earned Badges to be changed into some points and nifty little icons to wear. smile

Alchemy, I know there's a 'major' update coming in the new year, so I'm just curious as to what kind of changes will it have, like will I have to redo my whole thread to accommodate the changes? Also pleeeeease increase the Level or at the very least, make those who have MAX XP 'act like' they are Level 11 in terms of success rate.

Inventory Arranger, been waiting..... 2yrs now for that promised update, I know it got pushed back due to Towns 2 but is there any hope we'll get it early next year?

Thank you for your time. smile

Also, nice update to the flash spaces.

We'll have an achievement update early next year, don't know exactly when yet.

Alchemy, I'll have a detailed update once we're ready to make the changes known

Inventory arranger: I have a dev assigned to investigating the work required. Early next year is a possibility.
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Do you have any plans in the future to sell gaia clothing?
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Will we get a 12 days of xmas this year? will it start this week?
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What's gonna happen to Bid Blast?
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When will Dernier*Cri be updated to have new items?
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bonking the thread!
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The changes to the virtual world really brought a storm in the CB.
Do you plan to add or bring back the transfer of rooms, or keep it as a random room?
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Q: Do you need beta testers for your android apps?
Or anything for that matter?
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What are the HoC devs up to? They're pretty quiet lately.

And thanks for adding a disclaimer to the HoC Deck CI <3
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Can we get farm/ranch related items for our houses?

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