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ANother Question Will VJL (Video Lounge) Be coming back anytime Soon, so we can all watch videos onces again? or Does it have to do with Youtube? and its updates making it a problem for it to be around anymor?
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How come it took so long to fix the item leak of the red and black umbrella?

Item thumbnails are a pain... sometimes it takes days to flip over.
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Hello admins and devs of Gaia. I've been on Gaia for more than a year now and I've had one of the most memorable stays here I can remember. From playing awesome games to designing beautiful avys to making all the wonderful friends that I have. I've really come to love Gaia as such, so much so that I would like to work for you guys. Can you please suggest how I may go about doing that?
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I like the new flash updates! heart
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Uncle Kenny
We'll have a way to redeem existing tickets for gold soon.

with bidblast, what if we have unused tickets? will they be used for anything or deleted? >>


hi you. *shares cookies* >>
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Facial hair? ninja
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Sweet Angel Mary
Uesugi Ankit
Pointless first post. cool

Well, not really, I mean, its point was to be the first post right? eek

Sisky!!! That contest you mentioned on friday, does it start soon?

Yes, soooonnnnn! SOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN! MWahahahaahah! *cough* eek

To those that don't know, I'll be having another contest for the holidays. My very own personal "12 Days of Siskmas" contest. It'll start on Christmas Day, or the regular day of December 25th if you don't celebrate Christmas biggrin And there will be fabulous prizes. Oh yes there will be. Stay tuned because I have some stuff up my sleeve ninja
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Ah I just remembered something else I wanted to ask about. Why are there fewer Water items compared to Fire items?
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Darc Nightgale
User Image

Hello! So after months of collectin', and makin' 590 edwardian trousers. I finally completed this quest, and made the first black pair. I still think there should be an achievement for it. xd

Second I would like to see animal ears layer correctly with the omg hat. Now I know that there are a ton of ears on Gaia. A few I would like to see. Puppy cosplay ears, fox ears, easter bunny ears, and neko cosplay ears.

Maybe also have the face framing-bangs from prince cardinalis layer behind the samurai yoroi pose 5a, and 5b. Thank you.

woa that art in your siggy <3 so adorable, who made it? c:

Rally- I really do not like it.
The new updates not only slow down my browsing, but also its hard to hang out with friends and friends only. It now looks so much more childish and unappealing. I do not like the fact that there are so many rooms. It was perfect with just 2.
The colours aren't very nice. To be honest the un-updated rally was perfect to me.

Will there be some sor of award (not achievement) for people who are on gaia almost everyday ;w;
..because I am and as far as I am aware we only get a key for every year we are on here.

Besides all that rom the top of my head.. Thanks gaia! c:
Merry Christmas! -w-

Thanks! I made it at 5am this mornin'. I couldn't sleep. xp
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I was wondering if y'all could make a Sparkling Unicorn RIG pet. For the fact that i like sparkly unicorns.

That's all.
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Is there going to be a special holiday event in Zomg! this year?

I wouldn't get your hopes up for it as we don't currently have any plans to do so.
I know it's a few months away, but I was just wondering; for Gaia's 10th Anniversary, is there going to be a big-super-duper celebration in store for the users and staff?

As in: the biggest anniversary ball to ever hit Gaia? biggrin
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One year in the making.
Having to buy into the ridiculous rise of gold caches to feed those making alchemy more difficult than it has to be.
Total:50-53million in cost to finish erebus moon.

Thanks alchemy for being such a female dog in heat,I will never touch alchemy again..never .

Might as well have made backwings..

I've also heard that someones level 10 erebus formula failed 27 times,what do you have to say about the ridiculous craft rate AND PRICE about these formulas?

I'm not made of gold and not everyone is,how do you plan on making alchemy approachable by those other than the super rich without devaluing the crap out of everything we have already made?

Agreed, many time you might as well buy the item itself, though we can't blame Gaia for the rising market place prices/

:edit: I'm not a mod, why am i commenting? whee
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*waves* Hey guys :3

I try not to alienate the mantises, I do! I know I have done a horrible job so far, and for this I apologize. I can try to at least write you some mantis-themed haikus that you can read to them. Perhaps this will console them a bit. As for mantis items, I can continue to pass along the suggestion!

Praying Mantises
Navigating Towns with bug claws
Is quite hard to do!
Posts like this and Lanzers is why I love you guys. rofl

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