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Hello everyone! It's been a lovely weekend seeing all the Christmas decorations everywhere, and people happily carrying home their Christmas trees. Have you got a Christmas tree at home?

Today we introduced Towns 2 to Rally, though there are still a lot of polishing to do and bugs to fix. We're listening to all your feedback and would appreciate anything more specific. There will be a lot of enhancements coming so your opinion matters a lot.

Welcome to ATA!
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Pointless first post. cool
Since everyone else has pressing questions about Rally, I thought now would be the perfect time to ask when do you plan to make Gaia more accessible to praying mantises? My mantises have a hard time navigating towns with their itty bitty bug claws and they can’t seem to catch any of the insects off the screen. They also want to know how they are suppose to express themselves when there are no praying mantis insect based companion items for them to equip. What plans do you have to remedy this? emotion_eyebrow

Please keep in mind that praying mantises make up at least. .00000000000000001% of your userbase. Do you really want to alienate them?
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I would say at this point that it would be very difficult for you Developers to disable the voting system in existing Threads, okay I guess the damage is done and there is no way that you remove these negatives votos.

I wonder what percentage of people surf the internet and just prefer reading something interesting, people who just lurk on the internet without posting or sharing their own views on the subject. what percentage is that like to post and contribute their opinion? and what porcentage refrains from posting but like the use of the voting system.?

1.- why do you allow anonymous votes?

2.- are you going to make this voting feature Optional?

i wish to know who these Trolls are to put them on my ignore list and not have to deal with them ever again.

I mention again that Youtube and other Internet Communities downvoters are hated.
if you want to cause more commotion in our Gaia community , say it!

I say ... if you do not like a video you do not see it. if you do not like a topic, ignore it and go somewhere else.
no need more negativity on this site. This situation is creating bad vibes,
You have asked all Gaians "to like Gaia on Facebook" because you wanted to compete with Justin Beeber. asking people to upvote is not a bad thing. but tell me what people would think of you if you asked them to downvote Justin Beeber ?

3.- this is a moral issue, so what are you gonna do about it?.

sorry if i made some grammatical mistakes, but please don't Ignore me.
i'm just voicing my opinion.
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Happy Monday AtA

1) I like the update on those flash spaces, even though it is a bit buggy, are you guys going to implement the friend chat hangout too?
lol I hope I don't get a backlash from this o3o
2) An update on Lanky's life? surprised

3) Christmas Event right around the corner? emotion_c8

4) Any news on Towns 2 Housing?

5) Wasn't Sisky going to Japan and going to climb a mountain there? I heard this 1 or 2 years ago o3o

6) You guys did the Rapture Forum event, is there gonna be a 12-21-12 one? surprised

/sits back
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This would be last time I would be posting in ATA since I make valid points, make front page, and no one ever replies to my posts. I am sorry if I intimidate you guys but I just think you should fix simple bugs if even the users tell you them.

I found out some people have a weird achievement popup saying "Beta Treasure Hunter". It has something to do with adding div elements into the div element with the ID "post_container". I have tested it for a while and don't see anything other way it could be happening, it's only the div elements.

For SolveMedia not working anymore is do to the JavaScript you are calling is not being called under HTTPS. You are requesting a HTTPS domain specified by SolveMedia and you are getting 503 errors cause of it. So it's simply change http to https.

I really hope I don't come off like an egotistic developer but I do have respect for fellow developers. I am always here to help if I can and all I want to do is make users of GaiaOnline have a better experience overall.

Also for my questions, here they are...

Since GaiaOnline has officially made a Gaia On The Go app for Android, is there any hope seeing it be able to be on ARM 6 phone? If not why not? I don't understand what would be the problem and integers. If I remember right but I don't see how any of that can cause an issue in my eyes. Out of all I know about the Mobile API it's really just calling URLs grab data then populate the screen with it. If by chance you guys won't be attempting to do anything about ARM 6 devices, I am willing to give it a shot since I have multiple ARM 6 devices.

I know this been asked so many times but I want to make sure for last time while I am working on my extension. Will Guild's forums be updated to be similar to GaiaOnline's main forums? If not why? I remember a developer telling me that he was working on it since it has been outdate for a long time, this is the main reason why I am asking about this for one last time.

I think that is all for now, I really hope I get at least one reply.

- CodedNinja
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Hello fellow Admins, Devs, the whole staff..

Just stopping by in hopes for an update on a few things;

Achievements, any update on the integration with games like zOMG!, Fishing, etc.? Really wanting those hard earned Badges to be changed into some points and nifty little icons to wear. smile

Alchemy, I know there's a 'major' update coming in the new year, so I'm just curious as to what kind of changes will it have, like will I have to redo my whole thread to accommodate the changes? Also pleeeeease increase the Level or at the very least, make those who have MAX XP 'act like' they are Level 11 in terms of success rate.

Inventory Arranger, been waiting..... 2yrs now for that promised update, I know it got pushed back due to Towns 2 but is there any hope we'll get it early next year?

Thank you for your time. smile

Also, nice update to the flash spaces.
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Hi Admin!

Really pleased with the new addition to the Revolution Charity CI series, I hope this stays an annual thing (Charity CI’s that is, it may be hard to keep a continuation of the Revolution series for too many more years).

I’m wanting to know if/when there will be an update to the inventory organizer/arranger. I’ve noticed that the title of the page is “The REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD Inventory Arranger”, is that because you are in the process of creating a new system, possibly one that doesn’t use Flash so it can be accessed on devices that do not support it such as iPad and iPhone, and that is easier/simpler to use.

Will there be an update to the Gift section on the Trade Page that will be able to include a record of all gifts? Not just the last “x number” of gifts sent? I did love the inclusion of this feature, it was nice, especially for cases of hackings.

Any Christmas event being plotted (hopefully with some achievements)?

Update to BidBlast at any point? Or adding new items?

That’s all for now! c:
Hi AtA. o3o

*SDPlus Real ### Swarf
*SDPlus ### Marshall
*Orange Lizardman ( Lizardman item recolor )
*Random Mini-event Loot from zOMG! -- may we please have it back? ;~;
*Alternate paths to Caches/Cases? o:


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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

- Gaia Fishing/Bucket Saving Glitch: Has anybody looked into this yet? Thread about the problem can be found here.

- The Flash Spaces Update: So far, I like some of the changes. Like the new toolbar and the taxi service. I can’t wait to see the finished product.
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Hello! So after months of collectin', and makin' 590 edwardian trousers. I finally completed this quest, and made the first black pair. I still think there should be an achievement for it. xd

Second I would like to see animal ears layer correctly with the omg hat. Now I know that there are a ton of ears on Gaia. A few I would like to see. Puppy cosplay ears, fox ears, easter bunny ears, and neko cosplay ears.

Maybe also have the face framing-bangs from prince cardinalis layer behind the samurai yoroi pose 5a, and 5b. Thank you.

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Since the gold grant had to be taken down for the facebook games, does that mean that those playing summer springs won't ever be granted gold for leveling up before it closes?
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Heya Gaia Staff!

To start....LOVE the new changes to the virtual worlds. very shiny! Now...is there a way to integrate zOMG into it all and make it REALLY awesome?

Two...any sort of heads up on when the Xmas event is starting? This week or next week?

Three...We need some EIs, man...people are missing them something fierce. Take it from one of the EI Chat writters, it's the biggest complaint I am seeing about them every week.

And lastly...I can't wait to see you guys in a few days! I hope you are ready for cupcakes! (Save for Sisky, whom has been promised bananas.)

See you guys soon!


And now, given what the main topic of today's tread is likely to be...

-Sets up a lawnchair, gets my shots ready for the inevitable 'SOON' and gets ready for the show.-

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Ren Orenji Doragon
Hi AtA. o3o

*SDPlus Real ### Swarf
*SDPlus ### Marshall
*Orange Lizardman ( Lizardman item recolor )
*Random Mini-event Loot from zOMG! -- may we please have it back? ;~;
*Alternate paths to Caches/Cases? o:



gah i want those sdplus dolls too!!!!!! emotion_kirakira

brony king- explosions. ;D

and, i can't think of anything to ask about. emotion_facepalm *lurk mode*

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