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Narumi Misuhara
Narumi Misuhara
good eveing everyone. smile


hello narumi. smile How are you today?

Pretty good, youself?

im doing well. unfortunitly i couldnt think of any questions for this ATA but i thought i come a still see what everyone eles was asking and say hello to all of you at gaia head quarters. smile
Krissim Klaw

Yay! So glad your package got there, and that Checkmate appreciated the mantis-related comments. How could I not? That picture is TOO cute- thank you so much ^^

Hahahaha, I'm glad you liked it. <3

I am no biglanky14. My pants are fine! XD
Feel free to email Lanky the photo though. Bonus points if you text it to him while he is at school teaching. Dem pants better watch out. emotion_awesome
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no, starting cash is what hurt gaia. you turned it into every other money hungry site. I know so many people left once it started. think about the member ratio from before gaia cash to now, theres a big difference
Gaia is actually not money-hungry compared to other sites gonk
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no, starting cash is what hurt gaia. you turned it into every other money hungry site. I know so many people left once it started. think about the member ratio from before gaia cash to now, theres a big difference

It cost a lot of money to run, and maintain a website this big. It was goin' to happen.
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Any awesomely blatant gold sink events coming up?

I love events like rebuild the tower...save our shops etc. which just chew up gold.

Perhaps, perhaps
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Has someone established a secret santa or gift giving event dedicated to gaia staff?
there's a Reverse modmas where users can gift art to gaia staff (mods, devs, etc). Link's in my sig if you're interested ;p
im having trouble with dress up every time i put on a gurdle its on the outside

If they're the girdles I think they are, they're intended to be on the outside.
wait my bad i meant my cincher, they always show on the ouside of my bustiers
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no, starting cash is what hurt gaia. you turned it into every other money hungry site. I know so many people left once it started. think about the member ratio from before gaia cash to now, theres a big difference

Starting cash did nothing to hurt Gaia, they became a huge business and had to get cash since they were no a tiny business and had to keep the new large site up somehow. In what ways are they money hungry? Because they’re not, if they were they might be charging money to get all the items like some other sites do. But instead we can use gold and items that are available for cash are still available for gold in the marketplace. Furthermore , can you prove the people left when cash shop stared because of the cash shop?
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Heart of Benevolence
I have a question. For zOMG, How come the developers haven't decided to fix the glitches in it? Like fighting General Mayhem? You fight a few gnomes then it freezes. :/ Or the Lag issue. Even lowering the graphics still causes my laptop to lag badly. My crew members complain about it too.

Actually, we are working on getting some bugs fixed! I made a thread requesting user feedback, and we've been looking into some of the more irksome bugs that were discussed. Once I have fix updates, I'll post in the thread. It's just taking some time, so thanks for being patient biggrin

Thanks so much! I will definitely keep a look out!
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Zero Omega
Stray Cougar
Have any of you ever walked around the office in a horse head mask?

L0cke has, multiple times. In fact, he's rode in a scooter race with it on his head.

Would you all consider going a full work day, everyone in those mask, and recording it?
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i crashed before the birth of ᴄ ʜ ʀ ɪ s ᴛ ,
    .++++pterodactyls s ᴡ ᴀ ʀ ᴍ ɪ ɴ ɢ ;
      .+++++you ᴅ ɪ ᴇ ᴅ in 1 9 8 9 ,

-- --
I just wanted to say that the Christmas event in 2007 - the one with the orphans - was probably my favorite event to date, next to the water balloon fight and rejected olympics this year. :'D I don't expect a return of the orphans or anything, but a similar event where we can 'adopt' an orphan or something would be really neat!

I think another fun idea would be some sort of secret santa event, but that would be insanely hard to put together, I imagine. xD

Anyway, keep up the amazing work, and thanks for making Gaia wonderful as always! <3

-- --

{} i want to get back to that ᴍ ᴏ ʀ ɴ ɪ ɴ ɢ in ᴍ ᴀ ʏ .
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will you guys redo past events like in zomg perhaps?

We actually tried on the last event. Unfortunately some maps and data were over-written when we added DMS. I can't promise anything at this point as even recycling events became a real challenge for zOMG. We'll see if the same might have happened for other events.
    oh... okay then. thanks for the info! (:
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Fluffeh Whip
Christmas is about giving other people time not presents!! A dying man will not ask for more stuff, just your time. >_< Likewise, let's all give a little this holiday season by showing someone we've been paying attention and listening.

But anyway, I have an idea for a gold sink. Why not make this community improvements poll thingy where devs put things on their "to fix" list. The community donates gold to whatever they want fixed first. biggrin Where does the gold go? NOWHERE!

OK for example, There's an "Update inventory organizer" poll and it requires a donation of 3,000,000 gold or something. The community can then donate to fill up the bar. Once it's full, you guys update the inventory organizer!

I also thought of the issue of people being uber rich on here and possibly being able to donate enough to fill the bar in one day, so maybe make the amount a bit large? (stay in the millions at least)

The polls can also be recycled depending on how popular they are, that way new ideas to work on can get considered or be put out there.

Maybe people can only donate a certain amount, either per day or total, so they won't receive a ridiculous amount of things added to the "you promised" list when bafflingly rich people throw all their money at something. Maybe a vote system instead?
I was actually considering having a limit, but I don't know why I didn't mention it. xD
In essence, it is a vote system, just one that you gotta pay for to show support.
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Ive been a Gaian for, wow, Six almost Seven years now, and I really dont have too many questions, just silly personal ones. Lanzer whats your favorite Genre of Music? Favorite Band? Movie? Book? thats it really haha.
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Tippet v2
Tippet v2

Its in the TOS that they can ban you at any time, and they have no way of knowing that she gave you those. Unless you can prove it i dunno if they will unban you. They have no stolen from you at all, you made a transaction and gave gaia that money by whatever means you got Gaia cash.

Not to be rude, but you're not an Admin, and I'm not interested in you trying to stick up for them. They stated what they did, they have to stick by their words. I have no patience for this anymore.

Thank you for your politeness , but they don’t see every question. I may not be an admin but I still know how answer what you’re saying.

Though again, they're not trying to banning me for an unspecific reason. They're saying because I hacked, and I didn't. And because they can't prove if she was really here at my house or not they need to keep to words they wrote. older than 30 days and it's closed. Not this bull about "at the discretion of the staff member." Seriously though I said that in a mocking tone. I'm not in a good mood. Started out that way, but it's all just one pile after another.

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