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Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. This week we have a number of cool updates and events lined up, including the Dogs and Cats event. Thanksgiving also marks the big count down until Christmas, and we're also working on the Christmas event for this year.

The long weekend was great as it was a chance for many us here who don't have close relatives to all hang out, have a pot luck and pig out. Also got a chance to watch Harry Potter over the weekend. Wow what a long movie... any HP fans here that love the movie?
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Hi lanzer! Can we have more dog items like the breed Havanese?
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Hello Lanzer! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Since the Gaia staff has sized down, is there any chance that you might re-focus on the core elements of the user experience such as forums and avatars? The forums and avatars make up the base of Gaia, and everything else is just icing on the cake, really. I'd love it if you would take this opportunity to upgrade guild forums to match the main forums, and work on user-customized avatar layering.
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Hello, Lanzer and Devs! C:


1. Like last year during Gaia’s Halloween event, will there be a Christmas avatar costume contest in Towns during the Christmas event where a different Dev hosts a separate contest in a different area of Towns? ^^

2. 2 weeks ago in the GCD, users in another user’s thread were theorizing about the backwings on NPC Gabriel as possibly being the look of the future Angelic Backwings. Are there any connections between the new Heaven forum event and the Angelic and Denomic Backwings quest? : O Also, will there be a variety of Angelic Backwings looks to choose from when the future Angelic backwings are released on Gaia? ^^

3. Lanzer and Devs, if you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be? : O

Also, unfortunately for me, my tennis class officially ended 2 weeks ago. ;_; I had so much fun in it. :< However, I am glad to post in the AtA again! C:

Also, Lanzer and Devs, thank you so much for bringing back the forum events! I missed them so much. C:

Thank you so much! C:
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Hi Lanzer!

Can we expect any changes to be made to the Gaia Guild Network within the next few months?

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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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HI LANZER!!! finally got here! yah for early b-day/christmas gifts!
How was ur Thanksgiving? mine was a bit of a disaster crying
When will the heaven event get underway?
Any hints for the Christmas event?
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Hey Lanzer I have a question about recycling usernames.

I would like to have the username "Princy" but its taken by an account that has been unused for years now, so could you help me with that?

Plus I cant wait for the Christmas event.

Have a nice night!
I watched a Godzilla and a Gamera movie today (Godzilla vs. Destoroyah and Gamera, Guardian of the Universe). And I was thinking it would be cool if we had an event about Kaiju (aka giant monsters), where they attack Gaia and we can pick a side humans or Kaiju.

And I was also thinking that Prunnies need to fight Grunnies. I can see Diedrich making the Prunnies attack Gaia and by crashing in on a scientist who is working on a portal to a parallel universe, and Diedrich pops in and scares him (to give him a fact) and he opens the portal and the Prunnies invade Gaia and plans on taking the Grunnies place in Gaia. That would be sooo cool. I always wanted a Prunny but they cost too much. crying

Can we have both or one for a event? Please?

P.S. Gamera is a flying Turtle and it can breath fire. And I hope you know who Godzilla is right? And I was playing the Mothra song writing this. lol
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I was just wondering when if we'd get some plot closure before Christmas. Pleeease?

When can we expect December's shop update?
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1.) Character profiles, how are you doing on them? Will any be released by the end of the year?

2.) Will we see a continuation of the Gambino plot and/or the summer event manga by the end of the year?

3.) About those handbags around Deadman's Pass in zOMG, why are they there? Did they migrate there after becoming Animated or did Zhivago just have a bunch of ladies handbags around?
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Hi everyone hows everything?

Hope your holiday was fun and enjoyable!
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Hello, with all the recent and past layoffs, is gaia still safe and well taken care of? Is this a reason things have been pushed back?
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Is it true that the zOMG team is being booted and replaced with a facebook team? neutral
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Hi lanzer! Can we have more dog items like the breed Havanese?
ur glowing!

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