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Ok, this will be my last reply to you. Lets take a million users online, comparing it to the 20K online at any given time now. At the million mark, if 50% were bots and mules, that is still 500K online, and 500K bots and mules giving a 25% drop in users . Lets say 70% were bots and mules, that would still be 300K online giving a 15% drop in users and that is at a crazy level of 700k bots and mules. Next I can base my statistics on one forum as this is where people come to try and get change, the 20 (maybe 30 at this point) pages is negligible. As well as that, I have been through the forums, which means my opinion is not just based on this forum but world wide.

There’s also that some users just up and left because they got bored or outgrew Gaia. But you can base your statistics on that if you’d like , however you have to remember we have no idea how many bots were actually on here before botting was made harder by the introduction of Captcha. However, if Gaia were truly dying a whole lot less than 20k users would be on . It is not dying and 20k is still a lot of users But, as you ‘re not going to reply to this then enjoy your night.
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Working Black Friday//Saturday kind of sucked.
Didn't get trampled though. emotion_yatta

But I know if I see another dang gutted deer photo, I'm gonna be sick. x.x Stupid hunting season.

OMG you poor thing! I'm glad you lived to tell your tale.
RE-ASKING: the login page keeps saying the password is wrong, despite it not being wrong.
The computer is a clean install, so there's zero chance it's on this end unless Comcast is being derpy.

any idea?
Krissim Klaw
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Past that level emotion_awesome Actually need a different cri item for the last level of devilish when compared to demonic ninja
How many wings with this make? Getting close to that achievement? ninja

Would be 5 out of 6 made, and 4 out 6 for the achievement. And with the price of gold caches don't expect that achievement anytime soon, not to mention the whole banned issue rofl
Who does the staff consider hotter - Waffles or Lanzer? yum_puddi
Waffles is hotter than anyone, ever!

That's not even fair, I cannot come close to Waffles's cuteness.

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Tippet v2
Zero Omega
Tippet v2
Zero Omega
Tippet v2
Zero Omega

Shoot me a PM with this ticket ID and I'll poke into it.

Seriously Zero, I already did. You never looked into it, it's still in your "busy" inbox. You're the admin I'm talking about that never looked into it. Plus- if you'd read, I posted my ticket ID number. I'm not sending you another PM that you won't answer. It frustrates me to no end.

My PM box gets a ton of PMs from every ATA. xd I'll take a look into it this week.

:/ I don't believe you. Prove it. If my case isn't looked into by next Monday- I'll be back, to raise some cain. You're speaking to me right now, you know I've been seeking help with this ticket thing. I've been waiting since June and as I said, my patience is wearing thin. I have so many items I miss. I even miss my holiday event items. Seriously..this is ridiculous.
Now, should I send you the same PM again..or "wait" for you to find my last one?

Shoot me another PM just to make sure that I have it and my inbox didn't eat it.

I shall. And remember, I'll be back Monday if both me AND my sister's tickets aren't looked into. Her banning has to do with mine, so we both better get our accounts back. Hopefully I won't have to come back on Monday..

I'd like to mention that me poking into it doesn't guarantee an unban, just that the situation will be reviewed and I'll see if there is reason for an unban. If I find that there is a justifiable reason the account should stay banned, then it will remain.
So. Many. Ads.

They have really turned me off from gaia, because they have made it a really impersonal experience.

But I understand you guys have to make a profit.
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Please answer at least one and seems like not as many admins at ata today.

1) What fun activities can we expect from Towns 2?

2) Could Gaia make a similar permanent game to Tasty Planet involving Diedrich eating all of Gaia?

3) Have the zOMG! glitches posted on Sisky's thread been discussed yet?

1. Hollywood and Rally are both being integrated into Towns.

2. maybe, but I don't know what game you are talking about.

3. no by me. (not that they would be)

That's cool, I'm excited about Towns 2. Here is a link of the game done by dingo games: http://www.dingogames.com/tastyplanet/ It's so simple, but very addicting because you eat everything including cats and people lol . Yeah it's ok if you don't know about zOMG!
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I hope I'm doing this right and that I'm not too late. But I would like to ask if gaia ever keeps it's chance items art on the site to be viewed when ever you like, even if the chance item is not available anymore? I love gaiaonline's art and I love to look at the pictures when I can. I really love this current Cryptic Path chance (example Ezo and Cayo. Their pictures are so beautiful to me). I just feel that If gaia doesn't have it's pictures kept in gaia's are collection of wallpapers or something so that gaians could look at them even after the chance item is gone, that a shame and It would be great if you did keep the pictures in a collection somewhere on gaia. However, If you do keep the pictures, I'm sorry for waisting your time and would like to ask where can I view the pictures of the current and already past chance items?

Thank you for your time,

matrix mini
And that concludes this week's ATA! Thank you for joining us and we'll see you all next week! Be sure to start your Christmas shopping before the craziness sets in!
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Yuki the Third
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Sen Natsu
Question about bans: can someone be banned from an informal warning, or can a mod go back a few days later and switch an informal warning into a permaban at their whim?

I'm curious because I got two accounts banned after asking a certain mod to stop talking down to me.

All bans are reviewed by others before they are placed, so one can't necessarily just decide, on a whim, to permaban you. We also do not ban users for simply "talking down" to staff members unless the person is being abusive. Have you filed an appeal at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help yet?
Yep. They pretty much said I'm not getting my accounts back, and never fully explained what I was banned for aside from "ban evasion", which implies that there was a first ban.
It's like arresting someone for resisting arrest.

but even so, it confuses me. Account A posts in a troll thread, account B warns about the troll, account B and C get banned the instant I tell him to curb the attitude, ignoring the account that did the posting and only banning the accounts that had a large gold amount.

the timing seems too convenient, and I still don't know how an informal warn became a permaban.

edit: also, I wasn't talking down to them, they were talking down to me, treating me like a child/idiot. It's very grating.

That doesn't sound like a situation where you would get perma-banned, it's possible that your account was being reviewed at the time for something else entirely. Either way, PM me with your ticket ID and I can check into it further.
Can't log in to it. Not banned, but this is an issue I"ve been having all day. REinstalled computer, so it's not on this end. Login system says the password is wrong, but it isn't.

Uhh... I guess shoot me a PM with the problem you're experiencing and I can poke into it.

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