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I enjoyed the Thanksgiving event! My favorite part of Frontier Skies was the hunting and I was so excited to see it back! I hope it stays apart of gaia just for fun!

Considering editing for more questions but probably not. xD
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I got a new car a 2012 ford focus what do you guys drive?
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If it isnt much work, could you guys make friendslists more maneuverable?
As in arrange them by when they logged in? It's really tough weeding out inactive friends when you cant sort the freiendslist by date
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Why cant i find my friend on my chat/ meebo thing?
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traditional turkey dinner for me,

Was wondering if the lite fish drops are going to get better with time as the prices of alchemy components get cheaper?
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Narumi Misuhara
- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

- Gaia Fishing: For the past couple of days, whenever I try to save a bucket after I'm done fishing, the captcha will sometimes appear as blank. I'm unable to refresh it to get a new one and clicking "Submit" doesn't work either. Thread about the problem can be found here.

- Page Loading: Is an opt-out being worked on for this? Sometimes it takes a long time for the pages to load. I also dislike the “Loading” message that appears on the page. I find it unnecessary.

1. No
2. Thanks for letting us know
3. No, the "Loading" message is there because for some people it take a little bit and it helps avoid confusion about why the page hasn't changed yet if they are stuck waiting a few seconds.
Thanks for the reply.
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Would you be able to make a red/orange cat/kitten star or dark blue Marionette? D:

Yes we are able. If or when, I don't know.
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Dear Gaia Staff, other than wondering if we will have another Revolution mini RIG in December, I was wondering if we'll ever have any clothing that looks like the clothes in the series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?
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My account has been having a majority of problems with Achievements and achievement scores. For example, the dreaded Thanksgiving achievement. I played the game several times, and even finished them, and I did not get the achievement. Even when the problem was fixed, I did not get the achievement. Next, the counters say two different numbers. The one on my gold and cash bar says 7,800, but on the actual achievement page, it says 7,600. What happened, and is there any way this could be fixed?
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Please tell me the Frontier Skies shooting game will come back as a permanent game, it's pretty much the only fun way to earn anything around here.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. At the moment we don't have any plans for that game past the Thanksgiving event. However, there are plans for some new games in 2013.
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Who does the staff consider hotter - Waffles or Lanzer? yum_puddi
Waffles is hotter than anyone, ever!
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m i cute? redface
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Can you guys please find a better way to get Gaia Cash, because those offers that you give us are complete and utter scams!!! And more video options too please.

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