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I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you all do.
Thank you for working to make this site so fun!

I just have one question concerning the new gaia homes,
which are incredibly impressive and very fun.
Are you going to put any of the Christmas housing items
back into The Faktori? Some of them are in the marketplace
for a around 4,000,000 gold, and are unfortunately quite
expensive, very rare, and still popularly sought for.
(i.e. Roaring Fireplace, Winter Woodframe Window, Gingerbread House, etc)

That is all I am wondering, really.

Thanks for your time!

- lnspiration
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I'd Like to Ask about zOMG. When it first came out it was the craze, then ther was Deadman's Shadows.. are there going to be anymore "Expansions" I'd like to get zOMG back. It's so dull, everytime i log on, there is NO one there,,,
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What is your greatest Gaia achievement, in your mind?

Also: Do you believe this is a BG reference?:
~King Awesome

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IPaul v2
hey admins! turkey was amazing how was yours emotion_dowant
1) i have this glitch in zOMG where alastor doesnt allow me to say "yes" to his tissue sample quest is there any way you an fix it? sad I dislike not being able to do a shadow orb quest gonk
2) Is it possible to have an inactive users, username? i mean because since its not being in use anymore xd [for those banned i mean]

2. Anything is possible, will we do it? That's something we'd have to discuss and think about.
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Blaze the Fire Dragon
Please tell me the Frontier Skies shooting game will come back as a permanent game, it's pretty much the only fun way to earn anything around here.

This. I loved the game, and the only reason I didn't keep playing it after reaching the end a couple of times is because I had to get back to working on my NaNo.
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For once I'm posting here for something other than alchemy ninja

About a month ago several of my accounts were banned. I've filed a ticket, which has not been replied to. I've emailed usertalk@gaiaonline.com, have not gotten a reply. I've tried messaging a few Admins and Mods, and besides one helpful Omni Mod I have not gotten a reply back.

I understand that it's the holidays and the Admins are very busy, so I've been patient. However, they have found enough time to ban two mule accounts that were created solely to file a ticket, message a few Admins, and message a few friends.

At this point, the best conclusion I can come to is my accounts were banned because of something my wife did on her account(she got a response to her ticket, a vague response without any proof and never got a reply to her reply asking for what exactly she did, and her ticket was closed recently). Since we obviously share the same computers/IP, and from what information the helpful Omni Mod gave me. Still at this point it's nothing more than speculation since all my attempts at talking to someone have failed, besides the Omni Mod, but there is only so much they can do.

So I've come here to ask to talk to someone that can help me with this situation.



something to keep in mind that the people who ban and handle ban appeals/ticket/usertalk/etc are typically two different parties. All our responsibilities intersect, but just because you got banned on one account doesn't mean that the tickets/e-mails you sent in are getting ignored. Does that make sense? I'll go ahead and see if I can prod into your usertalk e-mail and see what kind of information we can get for you.

I'm aware that they won't be ignored even if the accounts that sent them in are banned, omni mod that I have been talking to reassured me of that.

It's just at this point, it appears as if my accounts and my wife's account are being viewed as accounts that are used by the same person. That's all that I can come up with with the information that I've been given/can find.

Thanks for the help.
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Question for anyone~

Will Ashen marionette still be in the shop by this Friday?
That's when I get paid. ; u;
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zOMG! bugs update?
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Kimiko Doll
is it possible that we could have more time to get the black friday exclusives?

Since the Black Friday deals are exclusive to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, any exclusive items in it are only going to be available during that time. It doesn't really make sense to run a Black Friday sale for a week after the actual day, after all.

awww well i'll just have to miss out. needed more time to get the item i wanted.
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I hope i can get an aswer to my question but:

what does it take to get hired as an artist for Gaia?

thank you 3nodding
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Hello Admins!

Any news on Lanky? How do you guys think he's holding up with the teaching?

Also, I know I'm asking this early, but I'll throw it out anyways:
"Do you guys have any plans for Christmas? And what do you wish you could get for Christmas?"

Take Care you all!!!

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I have a question, I submitted a ticket a month ago and I still haven't gotten any reply. Is this normal, or did someone forget? Who do I need to contact to get this taken care of? C:

Send me a PM with the ticket ID and I can take a look into the status for you.
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KFC charges too much for their mutant chickens. My weekend went well. Sister made turkey day before and watched the Macy's Parade and some awesome football.

1) What fun activities will we expect from Towns 2?

2) I really love a game called Tasty Planet. Could Gaia make a similar permanent game involving Diedrich eating all of Gaia?

3) Any news on which zOMG! glitches posted on Sisky's thread will have priority of being fixed if any?
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is it possible that we could have more time to get the black friday exclusives?

Sorry, it will be ending midnight PST tonight as planned. xd

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