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Hello! For the Daily Treat at the top of the page, is that only for U.S. Residents only? The video does not load for me, thus, I cannot click the cards.

Thanks, if you read and respond to my question! :]
- X_wishing_well_X
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

- Gaia Fishing: For the past couple of days, whenever I try to save a bucket after I'm done fishing, the captcha will sometimes appear as blank. I'm unable to refresh it to get a new one and clicking "Submit" doesn't work either. Thread about the problem can be found here.

- Page Loading: Is an opt-out being worked on for this? Sometimes it takes a long time for the pages to load. I also dislike the “Loading” message that appears on the page. I find it unnecessary.

1. No
2. Thanks for letting us know
3. No, the "Loading" message is there because for some people it take a little bit and it helps avoid confusion about why the page hasn't changed yet if they are stuck waiting a few seconds.
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Please please Gaia, balance out the Marketplace more. Almost everything is inflated.

edit: And most of the old Evolving items are almost nonexistant too. I remember you mentioning that you will do something about the inflation but I only see things becomes worse.
I was wondering if anyone can answer a question ive been wanting to ask for a while now

If you were banned, is there any way that the admins can take the items and/or gold and do some kind of contest or event so that the items aren't just there and not in the economy? Like the word hunt type of event from some time ago, or something?

thank you
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Please tell me the Frontier Skies shooting game will come back as a permanent game, it's pretty much the only fun way to earn anything around here.
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Uncle Kenny
Sweet Angel Mary
Uncle Kenny was plotting in the gcd earlier, is he plotting to steal xmas? Will we have to gather in a circle and sing b/c Kenny stole xmas?


so you won't be getting me a teddy bear for xmas b/c you're gonna steal xmas?
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Hi all! Posting this again because none of it was answered last time:

1: May we please someday get (even knock-off versions of) Phineas and Ferb items? I know you guys rely on sponsorships, and I have no idea what it would entail to get a Disney sponsorship, but would knock-offs / tribute items get around copyright, or is it just a different agreement of copyright as made between Gaia and the sponsor? I ask because I LOVE Phineas and Ferb, as does my partner; it may be childish but it's funny, and I think there's a lot of potential in P&F items to be had. Heck, if there was ever a P&F RIG, I'd buy lots. It's just that awesome.

Just an example of it's awesomeness:

Uh ... if it's not loading for some people, try this LINK

2: I know we got new fishing fish earlier this year, but I had a thought when I was looking back over an old graphic I made. Would it be possible to release special Halloween / Christmas / et cetera fish that come out in the holiday's month each year? So ... you know, maybe a zombified fish?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I just think some holiday fish and crafting items would be kinda neat. I know there's the panic about events for these holidays, but would it be really hard to release a code at the start of the month and let it run until the month ends?

Anyway, they're just thoughts.
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Will we be learning of Nicolae's and Captain Cresento's fate soon?
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is it possible that we could have more time to get the black friday exclusives?

Since the Black Friday deals are exclusive to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, any exclusive items in it are only going to be available during that time. It doesn't really make sense to run a Black Friday sale for a week after the actual day, after all.
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Kann irgendwelcher von Ihnen mir erzählen, was dieser Satz bedeutet?
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Uncle Kenny
Sorceress Djana
Hi, I was wondering; when you would be putting more bid blast items up?

We're actually working on a Marketplace system that will replace the Bid Blast feature entirely right now. Not sure if/when items would go up for Bid Blast at this point.
Will any of our current bid blast tickets get refunded, or can we still use them on this new system?
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Latina Puddingv2
Hi admins,
I was wondering when my trading pass will be
up and running again,
I hope I don't sound pushy sweatdrop

mmm... Didn't I respond to your previous PM? I could have sworn I did, if I didn't then it's in my inbox somewhere and I'll get to it this week. Last week was busy for a lot of us. sweatdrop
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Are there any staff specifically assigned to the avatar glitch thread? I feel like that thread does not get enough love. :/

Also, how come the "In the Queue" forum is never used?
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Some mods should donate 4laugh

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