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Hi, I was wondering; when you would be putting more bid blast items up?

We're actually working on a Marketplace system that will replace the Bid Blast feature entirely right now. Not sure if/when items would go up for Bid Blast at this point.
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So I have a job interview tomorrow at a movie theater, what are some questions I should ask?
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What is the percentage chance of finding one of the ***rare*** items from the black friday bundles?
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Who does the staff consider hotter - Waffles or Lanzer? yum_puddi
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User Image King Blackwater:

Hello Hello Helloo

Got a question do do with notices, will we every see a change in how this works? like separate tabs for subscribes and for quotes so they don't get lost in the shuffle.
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the voting needs to be fixed in arena. when voting on one's self the average goes down instead of up. the votes are turning deadly now when you vote for yourself.
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I have a reasonable issue, with the drop of the all the black Friday stuff, items and bundles the bundles had to play 2nd fettle tell just half an houre ago, which does not give us much time to get the recolors that are rare, it was only yesterday when we finally got the last one to be found, Mellow Cryptodira, Manny people want a chance at these items but with the time span left it will make it impossible to get one unless you are crazy lucky or can find one being sold, I would hope that you Gaia would see this and make the odd a bit better, it not fare to any of the Gaiaen community to have any items more RARE the even the Angelic HALO, with how many there are is seems they will be.

That or make a alchemy formula for the items at lest give others the chance at them.

Thank you for your suggestion, we can consider it next year. As for Mellow Cryptodira taking a long time to drop my thought is that most people were waiting to buy that color bundle when it went BOGO.

There is always a chance that we will sell these rare recolors directly next year just as Gravedigger was.
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Hi all Happy Post Thanksgiving! I have a question for next month, and hope it can be answered. Will we have another Revolution charity thing next month?
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I came back after a 4 year hiatus and I've been browsing the market place to see what I can buy. I've noticed a lot of items are from popular shows and games (ex: BlazBlue, DBZ). Do the original creators of those get any credit at all or some cut of the profit or something? Because they're completely different names as items but the appears of it is almost exactly the same as in the show/game.
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Hi admins,
I was wondering when my trading pass will be
up and running again,
I hope I don't sound pushy sweatdrop
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hey admins! turkey was amazing how was yours emotion_dowant
1) i have this glitch in zOMG where alastor doesnt allow me to say "yes" to his tissue sample quest is there any way you an fix it? sad I dislike not being able to do a shadow orb quest gonk
2) Is it possible to have an inactive users, username? i mean because since its not being in use anymore xd [for those banned i mean]
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When is the inventory organizer/arrangement system going to get updated? My inventory needs to be heavily organized and it's so difficult with the current one.
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I know you guys won't allow a direct gold to cash conversion, but the issue keeps rearing its head. Are there legal reasons why this cannot be done as I suspect?
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Yes Hello there admins! I would like to know when the new inventory organizer might be released? I keep hearing rumors but that's all. And the REALLY REALY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD organizer is so hard to deal with :/
I have a question, I submitted a ticket a month ago and I still haven't gotten any reply. Is this normal, or did someone forget? Who do I need to contact to get this taken care of? C:

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