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How was your Tanksgiving weekend? How many of you had the traditional turkey dinner? I've heard that KFC now serves deep fried Turkey. That sounds scary yet delicious at the same time. Anyone here lucky (or unlucky) enough to try one? sweatdrop And did anyone bought cool stuff on sale?
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I have a reasonable issue, with the drop of the all the black Friday stuff, items and bundles the bundles had to play 2nd fettle tell just half an houre ago, which does not give us much time to get the recolors that are rare, it was only yesterday when we finally got the last one to be found, Mellow Cryptodira, Manny people want a chance at these items but with the time span left it will make it impossible to get one unless you are crazy lucky or can find one being sold, I would hope that you Gaia would see this and make the odd a bit better, it not fare to any of the Gaiaen community to have any items more RARE the even the Angelic HALO, with how many there are is seems they will be.

That or make a alchemy formula for the items at lest give others the chance at them.
For once I'm posting here for something other than alchemy ninja

About a month ago several of my accounts were banned. I've filed a ticket, which has not been replied to. I've emailed usertalk@gaiaonline.com, have not gotten a reply. I've tried messaging a few Admins and Mods, and besides one helpful Omni Mod I have not gotten a reply back.

I understand that it's the holidays and the Admins are very busy, so I've been patient. However, they have found enough time to ban two mule accounts that were created solely to file a ticket, message a few Admins, and message a few friends.

At this point, the best conclusion I can come to is my accounts were banned because of something my wife did on her account(she got a response to her ticket, a vague response without any proof and never got a reply to her reply asking for what exactly she did, and her ticket was closed recently). Since we obviously share the same computers/IP, and from what information the helpful Omni Mod gave me. Still at this point it's nothing more than speculation since all my attempts at talking to someone have failed, besides the Omni Mod, but there is only so much they can do.

So I've come here to ask to talk to someone that can help me with this situation.


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I made some homemade pizza with turkey on it for Thanksgivin'. We had Thanksgiving the Saturday before. We all had to get up early on Black Friday to work.

Loved the black Friday sale, was able to get a few items I wanted. 3nodding

So as you can see from my signature, I'm tryin' to make a pair of black edwardian trousers. I was wonderin' if you realized that it is goin' to require 701 items (590 trousers alone) to make? I think there should be an achievement for makin' a pair. emotion_kirakira
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It's been a long time since my last account extension was created so i don't really know what the current fee for the trading pass is we have to buy before we can trade between users, we used to be able to buy a Trading Pass of 500g.

I'm aware that the trading pass prevents people from making tons of accounts and sending the 500 gold you get in the beginning to there main account, the 500 gold fee used to stop people from creating mules just to get their starting gold.
But it has come to my attention that many people have been creating mules in order to obtain a free Alchemy Starter Kit which is valued around 8,000/15,000 gold.

My proposal to you Gaia Staff is:
A) You increase the Trading pass fee to 10,000/15,000g
B) You kill the free Alchemy Starter Kit Link

Not to mention they are wasting some good user names on accounts that will never be used again.

Also, I bet some users after reading this post are creating a bunch of mules User Image ,which is a violation against the Terms Of Service,right?
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

- Gaia Fishing: For the past couple of days, whenever I try to save a bucket after I'm done fishing, the captcha will sometimes appear as blank. I'm unable to refresh it to get a new one and clicking "Submit" doesn't work either. Thread about the problem can be found here.

- Page Loading: Is an opt-out being worked on for this? Sometimes it takes a long time for the pages to load. I also dislike the “Loading” message that appears on the page. I find it unnecessary.
Siskataya my praying mantis, Checkmate, is making a little something for you.
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1. A simple question (or probably one or two not-so-simple questions) about our "Friends List" feature. Would it be at all possible to allow us to expand the view (like with the Marketplace) to 100/200/500 per page?

2. Pertaining to the "Friends List".....Would it be at all possible to add a feature that allows us to rearrange our friends as easily as we can rearrange items in our "Wish List" (i.e., via drag-and-drop)?

3. Why aren't the "Preview" frames in the Marketplace and the Shops as large as the one on the "Avatar" page, and can you make those particular frames the same size as the larger "Avatar" version?
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Hi everyone! emotion_yatta

I have a request regarding the Pink Magical Giftboxes. Can you please put some new rare(r) items back in them? Not too long ago something was removed from them (Alchemy formulas I think it was), and their value has plummeted. Booty grab tank owners and players alike would LOVE to have some new items! Thanks!

I had a great holiday and hope everyone at Gaia HQ did, too! For the very first time ever, I cooked a turkey!! eek It was better than I expected. lol Did any of you try anything new this year... either cooking yourself or just eating? biggrin

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Facial hair? ninja
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone at Gaia! I hope it was a good day filled with much eating and family fun. Now, onto CHRISTMAS! Anything special for Gaia on that holiday?

So... how much money did you guys pull in for the Black Friday sale? XD

Hobbit is coming out on the 12/14! Anyone going to see it?
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Also, I bet some users after reading this post are creating a bunch of mules, which is a violation against the Terms Of Service,right?

It's only a violation if they're deliberately funneling any and/or all profits from those "mules" into their main accounts. Otherwise, as long as they're being used for legitimate purposes, anything they do doesn't fall under the "violations" category. cat_stare
Facial hair? ninja
Turtles don't have facial hair... nor do maggots... =p

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