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Hello Folks! biggrin

The FAQ/HELP page... doesn't seem to get noticed much. Are there any plans to move that link where people will actually see it? Its a great resource, but not a lot of folks seems to see it or utilize it.

Black Friday ... I avoid it like the plague.

How's Waffles? Has he gotten better D: ?

Arwen...! You helped me a lot time ago, my name use to be Blonde_Kagome.

^ - ^ You got all my stuff back and even donated to me when I was hacked.

I.. am really tempted about the BF sales, but.. they're a bit too steap for just ONE item.. I'd only use gaia-sama for lips, and Dice-bunny for boobs...
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Uncle Kenny
Sweet Angel Mary
when will the new daily chance be released?

Soon! Like this week soon, maybe tomorrow?

Awesome! whee
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...I've sent a report regarding to a guy who still bothers me even if I told him that I no longer want to talk to him anymore. Is there a way to block him through more IP addresses if he does create other accounts to persistently bother me? ;--;
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Hey gaia!

Any plans for the ever so close thanksgiving holiday?
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Is the any reason why Wisteria has only been evolving one item at a time? o3o It's rather annoying and disappointing.
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Nira Kota OuO
How do you guys feel about the loss of Twinkies?

nevermind the ho hos or ding dongs...twinkies is were it's at!

the iconic snack that set precedence for sexy young gay men who drew a likeness to junk food with little nutritional value!

if you think about it the whole HOSTESS thing is a little bit perverted.
ding dongs = *giggles*
ho hos = *laughs*
twinkies = *chortles*

It's so iconic! So american! crying The branding will be missed.
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All I'm curious about is why I haven't been granted the Loiterer achievement, even though I've been on every day since you reset the days to get it. I have other friends who've been on everyday and still don't have it as well.

That specific achievement chain is broken and we're working on getting it fixed.
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The Avatar Arenas have been very glitchy as of late, we can't edit our entries, the scoring seems to be a little wonky. Example: when I vote for myself it shows up as half of what I voted. Some entries are showing up multiple times and some not at all in the all tab, this I've only noticed in the last couple weeks. Also, we're having issues voting on some entries.

I'm just wondering if this stuff can be looked into and if the arenas are going to receive love in the new year?
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Just out of curiosity, why does most of the feline rig pets animated with a wagging tail (in the promo)?
I know if my cat ever wagged her tail, it means she's nervous and probably about to sink her claws in you if you touch her.
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Fluffy Bunny

I can't wait till Turkey Day. Don't really like how I have to work on Black Friday though. And I just started this job today. xD;

But I am a sad cookie about Hostess. </3




Oh and I was looking through my college interest's FB pics, and there was one or two that looked similar to you Lanzer.
Or it's your evil twin, Danzer. emotion_dowant
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I just realized.. I don’t think zero’s here..

anyway.. This is for sisky, when might we see more of the forum changes for the fall forum clean up?
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Thanks for the update on the Cash Card situation. I was originally going to ask that tonight, but now I don't have anything to ask about! Haha.

Also, I'm glad there is a schedule for the Black Friday sale. I'm looking forward to that.

You are welcome! And glad you are looking forward to the Black Friday sale. I won't be here, but I might just have to login to buy some of those items. I have a plan for them! ninja

A plan you say? Interesting. I'm sure something good will come out of it!
Will you be going out for Black Friday?
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I feel bad for the people that lost their job (although I heard recently that they may have negotiated a way to keep the company around).


Twinkies == Carbs
Cards == Evil!

Nira Kota OuO
How do you guys feel about the loss of Twinkies?
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Scurvy Pirate

yeah, are you guys going to REALLY fix the Loiterer achievement anytime soon? (As well as the subsequent 60 day, 90 day, and 180 day achievements that will follow). It's been way more than 30 days since it's supposed being 'fixed', and I've not missed a login and yet still do not have it.

As has been mentioned in the multiple Site Feedback threads about this, we're working on trying to find what's wrong with it and getting it fixed. Once we do have it fixed, we'll let you know. Until then, it's being worked on.

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