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how long do we have to wait for HoC?
You have to sweet talk Panagrammic if you want to play that game.
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Do you even lift?
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Narumi Misuhara
Hello Gaia staff ^_^


That's a bit dull of a response... emotion_drool
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Would it be possible that we could mmaaaaybe multiple gifts at one time?

That linky is a link to my SF thread to further explain my idea! Thanks!

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Uncle Kenny
2) A lot of the new games don’t seem to have that much related to the Gaiaonline characters, so do you think we could get more Gaia games with our favorite NPCs?

Not just yet. We're working on some updates to the existing games and have some new small games coming along but none have much focus on NPCs themselves. Perhaps sometime down the line though smile

Yeah a shame that they don't but thank you for answering my question. I hope blackjack and zOMG! get some updates even if they are small.
Krissim Klaw
Will one of the Black Friday special items be praying mantis themed? Yes, this is the question of the night peeps.

I'm guessing not! But did you get your prize yet for winning the other contest? I at least mentioned mantises on the box!
Nope not yet! It seems to be taking its sweet time in the mail. Awesome though now I am looking forward to it even more. heart
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Sweet Angel Mary
when will the new daily chance be released?

Soon! Like this week soon, maybe tomorrow?
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Uncle Kenny
Evening, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I have a question will there be anything done for Thanksgiving this year?

See my journal for the answer to this. That's all the hint you get wink

That ..is a most interesting hint. Now i’m really curious to see what you all will do.
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Hello, I've asked this once again before.
When will the winners for the august 2012 wii event be announced, if they have not been announced already?
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Great Idea with the Black Friday Event! But wondering, are the items displayed on the announcement really are the items that will be available in La Victoria? Just asking.
eek some items cost a lot, 5000 GC confused
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Ohhhh, AtA. I've had a long day at work and it's so great to sit down with a bowl of under-microwaved, lukewarm soup and watch your madness unfold.

Happy early Thanksgiving, all! I'm definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving and I'm hoping I'll be feeling well enough to make myself dinner and hopefully eat a reasonable amount of it. I don't participate in Black Friday, either on Gaia or elsewhere, but I hope you guys make a lot of revenue from it.

I also want to say that I am looking forward to the new Daily Chance. I don't mind the ads at all and I am of course excited about the new items. xD

Haha, I read that as our "lukewarm madness".. I don't sleep enough!

Happy early thanksgiving to you too! Glad you like the new Daily Chance and don't mind the oversized novelty ad! At least we were honest about its size right? xd

Lol! I'm sure I have plenty of lukewarm madness, too. razz

Thank you! Yeah, don't worry about the size of the ad. It's totally understandable that you have to make up for your lack of sponsors; I know you guys are a company as well as a website. I do think it was a great compromise to make it a static image.

(And I am really looking forward to those new items. xD)
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Can I get someone to look at this ticket and try to help me 5630-10179021 please and thank you heart
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Is the black friday this weekend all weekend long? Im confused by the calender
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Thanks for the update on the Cash Card situation. I was originally going to ask that tonight, but now I don't have anything to ask about! Haha.

Also, I'm glad there is a schedule for the Black Friday sale. I'm looking forward to that.

You are welcome! And glad you are looking forward to the Black Friday sale. I won't be here, but I might just have to login to buy some of those items. I have a plan for them! ninja
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Hey pan

How is the packs update looking? Do we expect new pricing/ return of the elites early this week, mid week, later in the week, unsure or other?

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