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Oh also

Another shout out for interactive rigs

I usually play 4+ bundles a month would be nice to play a interactive one again as opposed to just the click and recieve
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Hello everyone.

I was just wondering if we could get some more mid priced black friday deals. Like a few for 1000gc. Or some for 750gc. Or 500gc.

I worked my butt off to save up the free video cash offers. Months on end not spending my cash. Now I have close to 1000gc and nothing to spend it on. I want a bit more bang for my buck since it will be black Friday.
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I can't leave a zomg clan that i am a vice captain of and i can't get in contact with the captain she has been inactive for years! i want to leave to join a more active clan can anyone help? please quote me so I know there is a response. Thanks !!!
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Black Friday any info?

You can find info on Black Friday here.
YESSS!! Finally I catch you all while you make this!! biggrin

My account quite a while back was hacked into. It hasn't been accessed ever since the incident. Can someone message me so I can ask more into detail about this? surprised
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When Tyranny becomes law...

lanzer, the shops have had a beautiful series of updates over the years. everything has been recreated, reorganized, and even made a little sexier (the shop keeps). but it seems like Buttercup Cafe is pretty much the red-headed stepchild. There are pages and pages of things and it takes so long to go through it all to find what you're looking for. will BC ever get organized? I think tabs like PASTRIES, CANDY, DRINKS, FLOWERS would be a great start.

Rebellion becomes Duty.
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Krissim Klaw
Will one of the Black Friday special items be praying mantis themed? Yes, this is the question of the night peeps.

I'm guessing not! But did you get your prize yet for winning the other contest? I at least mentioned mantises on the box!
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Hello Gaia staff ^_^

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Hello Gaia!

Just wondering if you will ever add the spoiler tag right beside all the other tags we have in the forum reply box. :3
It'll be easier for us, instead of always typing it out. (Some people still doesn't know it exists)
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have been having trouble with my inventory not showing up when I try to use it in the immediate menu, but I have to search for the item in the search bar. Could this possibly be fixed? It is rather bothersome to remember some of the names of items that are not showing up.
And on a side note, yes, i am looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner!
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Evening, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I have a question will there be anything done for Thanksgiving this year?

See my journal for the answer to this. That's all the hint you get wink
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Clan Glitches:

I cannot get on my clan because there is a bug in there saying Error Occurred: Unable to Retrieve inforation about this guild. can you fix the bug?
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*shares cookies wif ev'ryone~!*
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Hi Admins, mods, artists, and so on!
Last time ATA was on I asked a question and no one got back to me! emotion_0A0


1. When will the ipod app for gaiaonline be updated?
2. When will the ipod app vs for gaiaonline get the regular shops? You've got the marketplace but not the shops!
3. When will the ipod app get guilds on there too? Not everyone has access to a computer 24/7 like they'd love to. You've got the forums but not the guilds! D:
4. Why can't we try items on in the marketplace on the app?

Plz reply this time! *fingers crossd*

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