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Is Uncle Kenny really our uncle? confused
And why does he make us sit in his lap. ;_;

Do you speak the truth!? whee
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emotion_hug emotion_kirakira
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1) I got a quick problem. You see yesterday, and I bet this is just me but who knows, I click a certain area like the forums and marketplace and it kept on going to a new tab. I never placed a 'open in a new tab'. Just wondering if this was going on with anyone else.


I had that happen the other day. Apparently one of the buttons on my computer was hanging up. I think it was the one between the alt & ctrl button on my laptop.
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Or how about my lag monster doll !??! xp

which version? xd then again, i still prefer a male than female. unless combine all them together and make it "it" and it's a shapeshifter "trap". marshall wouldn't know what hit him.

Gurrl, you got it bad for Marshall , DOn't cha??? wink whee

you know it's that facial hair that draws me in. second to that is the chest hair. just like james bond. ;D

Are you trying to summon Maggot?
Who is that?

Maggot is a fabulous Gaian who really wants more facial hair items! Now whenever I hear "facial hair" I think it is him XD
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We're putting in controls for it, but you can experiment with lower resolution if you like. Spoiler for details.

If you have lag / slow game issues, we'd really like feedback on whether these options help the game perform better on your box. To enable it, you'll need to add a parameter to the URL. For example, if you have a game:




Alternately, if you have:




The options are:

"s" -- small resolution ( 960 x 600 )
"m" -- medium resolution ( 1024 x 768 )
"l" -- large resolution ( 1366 x 768 )
"p" -- turn off map animations
"b" -- turn off battle animations

So, extra=spb is the lowest resolution with no animations.

Note that resolution control on the strategic map is not working, but animation control and resolution control in battle is working.

Let us know if this helps performance.

Yeah, we have a bug on that in our buglist -- should get it fixed tomorrow or Wednesday.

2) Hoc is becoming a very addicting game to me, even though I wished I didn't like it as much, but how come whenever I click fight against friend button nothing happens?

Thank you pan and for the scheduled server cycles for zOMG! too. It makes it so much nicer and more bearable to play. I sadly do still freeze in hoc so I have to refresh and I wish a graphics setting was put in so I don't have to adjust it to low for less lag ever time I play a game. So I wish there was just a graphics option like in zOMG!

Thank you for these. Even though game looks ugly with it, it does help, but still lags and sometimes before and after a move in the fighting part and moving the characters when I tried it.

Thank you for Responding . And i understand that. But i still think , it would a nice little convinence to have.
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Zero Omega


Yes times infinity.

Nope times infinity times infinity.

Yes times infinity + Googleplex.

Nope times infinity + infinity + Googleplex + Google + Facebook.

Yes times infinity x facebook x reddit x tumblr x Googleplex x 9gag+ Twitter.
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When will the mobile alerts be fixed?
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! We'll see you all next Monday!

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