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Hello Admins!

1. Is there going to be a trading feature for HoC in the future?
2. Is HoC going to be on Facebook?
3. If yes, will we be able to connect our Gaia accounts so we don't have to start over?
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Loiterer Achievement --what's happening ? Still not being given two months now.
Any answers?
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

- Dress-Up Page Settings: On the dress-up page, we already have different settings for mouths and arms. How about a setting that removes the human bases ears? This would be for people who don’t like having the human ears visible while sporting animal ears (cat ears, bunny ears, etc.).

- Page Loading: Is an opt-out being worked on for this? Sometimes it takes a long time for the pages to load. I also dislike the “Loading” message that appears on the page. I find it unnecessary.

Second question: The ears are actually attached to the base and cannot be turned on/off I'm afraid.
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With the website tinierme closing, is there a chance of making the rigs more like a gacha with more predictable results rather then the less of a chance of getting past items rather then ones hinted at receivable?
Hi there Admins!

To whoever is going to reply to this comment, I just wanted to make a quick note of the new users coming to Gaia from TinierMe. As you can tell, a lot of them from TinierMe has converted to Gaia because their site will be shut down in a few weeks. How do you feel about this?

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Man, I had this all typed out in my notepad and then I decided to erase it all because I was afraid to ask anything. emo
Next time. Next time.
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taking away cash cards is a stupid idea. domokun stargate

Thanks for the feedback! As we mentioned, cash cards are not going away from all stores, and we'll be bringing in new cards that function in a similar manner. Once we have a few more details, we'll be letting you all know how you can still get your Gaia cash from cards. biggrin
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Someone scammed me and is trying to blame it on me. I reported her. How long will it take until someone reads it and helps me get my item back? sad
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Can you guys do an update on trades?

Like whenever someone is doing a giveaway, they can trade to everyone they promised to all at once?
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Ma Ajmala
um I just want to say hi blaugh

Que paso.
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I recently downloaded the Gaia Android App for my Samsung Galaxy SII.
I got it a week ago and I still haven't been able to even get past the log in screen.
Apparently, my username and password aren't correct even though I made sure that it was.
Is there anything that I can do?
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Will HoC ever produce items / achievements?
Or will that stay a cash shop deal?
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Hey guys,

Just wondering if the Loiterer Achievement is still broken, I log in every day (even before it was out) and I've yet to get it, and its been over 30 days since the Dev notice went out saying its been fixed.


I would like to know the answer to this as well.
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the problem with Site Feedback forum 137 is that your Gaia Staff rarely post in those Topics. Why waste our time giving feedback if you already think its fine the way it is and that the ideas we give are not considered and you have no intention of implementing them? You just tell us what you will implement without all the blah blah blah. its not like you need 50 pages of feedback to make a decision. User Image

I give a lot of feedback involving gaia features and ways to help improve them for the community but I see nothing taken into consideration.

I'm here to help improve and give constructive feedback that could help better the use and function of gaia so it can be a even greater joyful experience.

Because you have not wanted to clarify whether down voting threads (down votes to threads With The sole purpose of provoking an individual) is or isn't against the rules i'm just going to assume it is against the TOS .
People have admitted they just do it for the" fun of it" and by doing so Disrupting a thread or simply because they think that OP is an Idiot.

When people Down vote Topics they are provoking With The Intention to get a reaction.
User Image States it is against the rules 4,2-11,so I have the right to report anyone who down votes my Topics. My concern now is once the damage is done,what do I do next?

1.- Do i file an abuse report every time a user calls me a "Idiot" by down voting my Topic just because they think my item price is too high? because i misplaced my topic? because they don't like my avatar? because I made some grammatical mistakes?
because i'm gay? User Image

I've constructed a few ideas that could help this rising problem,I imagine it could help prevent the mods from getting flooded with unnecessary reports from various users.

1. Would you give us at least a reset-button to delete all the negative votes?

2. can we get an option to disable this down vote feature?

3. What is it that you really want? to encourage positive community activity
or prefer giving features to trolls to destroy everything good in Gaia?

I've been wanting to make a thread about something (.....) but I don't want to have to deal with these downvoters.
But what am I supposed to do if you are not going to answer any of these questions?User Image
seriously these are questions I feel that need to be addressed.

Downvoting is not against the TOS. If you feel that a downvote is an attack on you, that's just your interpretation of it. The downvoting is there for people to anonymously show that they dislike a thread without having to post in it. Usually when people downvote, it means that they disagree, not because they have a personal agenda with you (unless you have a nasty attitude). Also, downvoting =/= trolling. It's absolutely sad and pathetic how people misconstrue the word "troll" these days to encompass anyone who even remotely disagrees with their opinions.

Also I see Gaia staff post in SF threads all the time. But I guess I only notice because I'm a semi-regular there.
Mysterious Dragon X
With the website tinierme closing, is there a chance of making the rigs more like a gacha with more predictable results rather then the less of a chance of getting past items rather then ones hinted at receivable?
predictable results would ruin the surprise and the allure.

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