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Yeah, we have a bug on that in our buglist -- should get it fixed tomorrow or Wednesday.

2) Hoc is becoming a very addicting game to me, even though I wished I didn't like it as much, but how come whenever I click fight against friend button nothing happens?
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You should improve the guilds, focus on those for now, improve quality of management and of editing, I'd be grateful! Also, I know you guys are always, AAAALWAYS busy, but I'd like to ask you the why of no name recycling, I know a relative answer but I'd like to hear it from you, personally to have a clearer view of what it actually involves, because there are allot of good names out there claimed by either one timers or never used mules, even permabans, I think this would help not having people called XxX_Nightnipples_XxX or 696969_dragonslayerswoop_696969.
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

Heya .~.Lady_Aji.~.! Thanks for the questions - I can talk about this one. We're still gathering up the suggestions and trying to sort them into various requests. My thread is taking suggestions until November 14th, and once that date has passed, I'll be figuring out what is plausible to complete. Once I know what is on deck, I'll let you all know biggrin
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How much do you guys love your jobs?
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Is there any news on the Quest formulas? Probably one of the mostly asked questions, but I need to know Dx
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what are the plans for gaia cash cards?
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ALSO, how are the zomg bug fix suggestions coming along???

The only one i can think of is the Glitch in DMS where it does not show the proper CL after you have suppressed.
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Hey admins! I remember a few years ago, you released a game for us to download with Sen and Overseer. You didn't get any gold or items from it or anything, it was just a fun little game to play offline. Have you ever considered doing something similar for Frontier Skies? I can't be the only one who'd play it without any incentive, and I'd hate for all the hard work you did on it to go to waste.

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Hey admins! Tis I again.
Good to see everyone.

1) I got a quick problem. You see yesterday, and I bet this is just me but who knows, I click a certain area like the forums and marketplace and it kept on going to a new tab. I never placed a 'open in a new tab'. Just wondering if this was going on with anyone else.

2.) Got any plans for Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

Once again, it's great to see everyone here at ATA! Have a great rest of the day! ^^

Crawford J Pegasus
I can has two tickets to the gun show? :3
Maybe, you'll have to win them in a children's card game
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So Diedrich is president of Gaia now, but it was noted as being an insignifigant event.

Does this mean we don't have to listen to him?

Can I hit him with this bat now? ninja
What was the item from that mini-event anyways? I missed it... and can't seem to find it in GCD.
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1. Can we have a better way to stop hacks because three of my friends been hacked and I'm wondering is Gaia security system is running good because I don't want anyone on Gaia to get hacked or scammed
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Being affected by hurricane Sandy, I used my smart phone, the Droid 4, to have contact with Gaia, Some things I noticed while using the Gaia App, namely no link for guilds and I could not delete my PM's.

Any insight on this?
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Happy Thanksgiving ..well early thanksgiving.

I was wondering, have you considered giving an update to the account settings that lets users hide seeing the vote system and not participate in it?
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Harbinger of Pandamonium
Ridley Starsmore

Can you guys give us a spoiler on something upcoming?

Anything, really...Black Friday item, stotry, xmas event, new EI....SOMETHING. My dumb bunneh butt is STUCK DOING RETAIL. I have very little time to go looking for clues! gonk

Seriously, you do not want to see my work schedule on Black Friday Week.

I may die... emotion_kirakira
Something will happen ... eventually.

You could be nice. I am bringing cupcakes... xp

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