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Oh yeah that new Grunny's pet sure is....creepy. Any chance you guys could kill him off in the new manga??
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Here's my 3 questions:

1) Update on the Weapons Shop?
2) Will we see more of the Mermen NPCs from the Venus promotion? ie. Ika, Jaws, Coustou etc.
3) Will we ever see a Shoe Store shop??
happy early Thanks Giving C:
I cannot wait for this week wonder whats inside this months Monthly Collectible >w< "excited mood"
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Thank you Admins/DEVS for fixin the missing background in the Heaven Forum !!

Also Do you think that the Zomg! Forum could get its own background???

Potentially, it would require an artist creating a forum background for it. So if it were to be on the list, it would probably be a low priority thing.
So Diedrich is president of Gaia now, but it was noted as being an insignifigant event.

Does this mean we don't have to listen to him?

Can I hit him with this bat now? ninja

You must always listen to Diedrich, for Diedrich is a fountain of ancient wisdom. As for hitting him with the bat, of course you can! But each thwack only makes his trivia more... trivial?

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how do i make the most gold on the website
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New hair or items anytime soon? :')
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Hey beloved staff of Gaia!

Have you ever consider mixing REI/EI together?

I just had a super idea to mix Custom Cut and Masquerade together. Gotta love make-up!

By the way, how do you feel about the sudden lost of TinierMe? Do you guys feel an exodus of TM-ers coming here?
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Something Royal
The stage of a ticket "Work in progress"
Exactly how long will it take?

Depends on the ticket and the issue! If you want to pm me the ticket number, I can look into this for you and give you more info on the status of the ticket biggrin
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You know how years ago you'd have an event and an event forum?

But then you completely deleted that forum?

So then when you subscribed to a topic from the event forum but didn't unsubscribe before the forum was deleted then you'd get

"Topics blocked: 1"

when you looked at your subscriptions?

Could that maybe be removed because it's been torturing me for years?

Also the RIG was pretty cool. The lack of Fathom item and Keele was kind of lame but it was alright. Yeah.
Are there new Sapphire Blue or hot pink bikinis to add to the tek tek designs?
What about new body expressions rather than mere facial expressions for that matter?
Also ever tried to talk about discussions between factpile.com and gaia online?
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Something Royal
The stage of a ticket "Work in progress"
Exactly how long will it take?

Depends on the complexity of the case, send me a PM with your ticket ID and I'll see what's up.
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Can you guys give us a spoiler on something upcoming?

Anything, really...Black Friday item, stotry, xmas event, new EI....SOMETHING. My dumb bunneh butt is STUCK DOING RETAIL. I have very little time to go looking for clues! gonk

Seriously, you do not want to see my work schedule on Black Friday Week.

I may die... emotion_kirakira
Something will happen ... eventually.
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*lurks* >>
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um I just want to say hi blaugh

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