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The stage of a ticket "Work in progress"
Exactly how long will it take?
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Hello blaugh

What is your favourite song!
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Hello everyone!

Diedrich made it's appearance again in last week's event! How did you like our take on the election?

How many Gaians here follow politics? Are you happy or sad about the election results?

lanzer who u voted to win obama or ronnie?
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Can you guys give us a spoiler on something upcoming?

Anything, really...Black Friday item, stotry, xmas event, new EI....SOMETHING. My dumb bunneh butt is STUCK DOING RETAIL. I have very little time to go looking for clues! gonk

Seriously, you do not want to see my work schedule on Black Friday Week.

I may die... emotion_kirakira
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the choice to select more then one item in the invent organizer Q_Q
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hey admins!
do you happen to follow the Vlogbrothers (Hank and John Green) and their channels, CrashCourse, SciSchow, and HankGames?
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything new to report?

Heya .~.Lady_Aji.~.! Thanks for the questions - I can talk about this one. We're still gathering up the suggestions and trying to sort them into various requests. My thread is taking suggestions until November 14th, and once that date has passed, I'll be figuring out what is plausible to complete. Once I know what is on deck, I'll let you all know biggrin
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Hey, guys! Mostly playing HoC but will also be sniping questions as appropriate.

O.G. Gaian

are they ever gonna give us an option to turn off achievements if we dont want them?
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I can has two tickets to the gun show? :3
Foxglove Tea
will there be a Black Friday say like there was last year?
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More items in mecha neko plz emotion_kirakira
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My one complaint - Loiterer achievement and related achievements still not granting even after the supposed fix last month... :/
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So, how about that facial hair?

How about it? XD

Oh look, you are finally turtle-y! Well done biggrin

How about it? emotion_donotwant

If only I could turn around, but then I wouldn't look like a turtle. emo
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So Diedrich is president of Gaia now, but it was noted as being an insignifigant event.

Does this mean we don't have to listen to him?

Can I hit him with this bat now? ninja
Feel free to hit him. He can't die anyway.

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