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How are you guys today? Any plans for an animal-destruction themed EI after bunnihilation? I'd love to see a Guinea pig theme! *not taking orders from my two adorable piggies glaring at me* eek
So Diedrich is president of Gaia now, but it was noted as being an insignifigant event.

Does this mean we don't have to listen to him?

Can I hit him with this bat now? ninja
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I am happy about the election results! Although .. i think Louie should run next time <3
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I like Diedrich! I'm very happy about the way the election turned out. blaugh
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Will you fix the botting issues with the slots and fishing soon? Also, can you tell me if there will be an app for a minigame on IOS?

What sort of botting issues are you seeing with these two games? I think we've found the number of bots within in Fishing and Slots is significantly down.
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What eyes are these?

User Image
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I am officially requesting a clone of the Kabuki's Sarashi item that will layer UNDER things. The rest of the item can be whatever the heck the artists want. I justwantthat bandage wrap. emotion_dowant
Hay guys, I keep getting CSS errors when I go on the main forum listing.
firefox, windows 8, comcast.....any ideas?
1. How can I turn off achievements?

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Since a black friday sale has been confirmed, can we please get the schedule of items to be released this week? It'd help users know how much cash they need if the schedule came out sooner than it did last year.

Will cherubic queen get rereleased? Will the animals from the best friend forever ci be rereleased?

How high will prices be in the black friday sale?

Will we get another silver bells-type item this year, you know the animated evolving item?
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The election was weird, Diedrich and Friedrich? Ooooooookay. Yeah well anyways onto my questions.

Will there ever be garlands and tinsel available for our Christmas Decor?
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Thank you Admins/DEVS for fixin the missing background in the Heaven Forum !!

Also Do you think that the Zomg! Forum could get its own background???
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I don't vote in politics and I can't stand Diedrich, so yeah not much to say about event. Shouldn't you guys not be working today on a holiday?

1) I really love all the face makeup items, but why is every single one of them cursed by the green goo glitch?

2) Hoc is becoming a very addicting game to me, even though I wished I didn't like it as much, but how come whenever I click fight against friend button nothing happens?

3) Sisky had a thread about zOMG! glitch fixes, so how many will you guys be able to afford to fix? (Also thanks sisky for being so active in the community). 3nodding
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will there be a Black Friday say like there was last year?
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CAAAAAKE! I would love it if you guys could put regular cake in the GS. emo To be specific, Buttercup Cafe. Just to let you know, I have no money/GC, so each time any item that is released on Gaia that is costing money, I don't buy it with cash anyway because I don't have it (unless I spend days/hours/weeks/months on doing offers). xd So you're pretty much missing out on me buying it, you're 'biggest' cake fan! surprised But seriously, PLEEEEEEASE add cake to the Buttercup Cafe?

Here is a thread on that: Y NO CAKE? crying (Item Request/Recolor; w/EXAMPLES) [/shamelessly self advertisement]

Hopefully any artists that are lurking will see this...or bring it up to them please. ninja And please, get it right this time- Gold Shop, not Cash Shop! emotion_donotwant (Seriously, I want to hoard GS cakes and gift them away too as B-Day gifts- so pretty please!?)

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