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Dear Admins that make this site even better each day with sprinkles of awesomeness!!

1.) I want to See Wreck-It-Ralph! I spotted my favorite hedgehog in some scenes there. Plus Bowser and all my other favorite games I've played before. Might see it this weekend if not busy...

2.) How is everyone? By chance is there going to be a thing such a "Black Friday" on Gaia.

3.) Deidrich for president?? Awww! 4laugh

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Glam Factory
Will Gaia be donating anything to the Relief Efforts for Hurricane Sandy?
I want more charity items like Halo of cannon ect
Halo of Cannon?
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hey are we gonna get new zomg buddies?
i got some ideas Here
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Would it be possible to give us gaiaens another chance for the Risky Angels item? I remember doing art for Diedrich and getting nothing at all but a small thank you.
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How are you Admins today?
Personally love this month's Astras thank you for creating them! Wonder what will be for this months MC? >w< so totally can't wait x3
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Can I be that person that asks the annoyingly age old question about old dead unused 2003 accounts and their usernames?

.. No? Alrighty. *moves along*
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hi im MissJewelsOfChrist. i was wondering why is it taking so long for u guys to find my mail for buying gaia cash and collectibles? i sent it the day after the october 2k12 collectible came out and i sent my order forum and money order. please pm as soon as possible. ty.
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Sweet Angel Mary
Sweet Angel Mary
How come Waffles isn't running for president of gaia?

I can't speak for Waffles, but I think he feels politics is beneath him.

Do you know what items will be in the black friday sale? Will a cat be in the sale? What sort of prices will items have this year?

No Clue

Will cherubic queen get another release? Will baby-kun the kitty be rereleased with the other animals from that CI?

Again I don't know

Will we get more free gaia cash offers in the future?

Sorry again

Who on staff is voting in this election?
Everyone that I know of.

Which is cuter, elephants or donkeys?

I had a chance to observe a lot of elephants on my travels, and I'm a bit partial to them, my mother however prefers donkeys. Here is a picture taken this morning. User Image

your image is broken.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I'll try again.
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Narumi Misuhara
Holy elections Batman! Diedrich is running for president... unchallenged D: What do you guys think of this latest development?

Has anyone seen Wreck-It Ralph yet? I haven't but definitely want to!

Did you guys have a good weekend?

Where's Lanzer you ask? He couldn't make it tonight, so for now, you're stuck with me razz

hi narumi!!!

i want to see wreck-it ralph too! but i am more interested in the short "paperman" that is playing with it.

um lol diedrich really? xd is this a hint of a mini forum event i wonder.

and how early is everyone voting tomorrow? i am thinking of being crazy and do it 6am. biggrin

*goes to lurking mode now*

*votes by mail* smile
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I noticed that the new items are female base heavy. Could you try to create some more class, dapper, form fitting, accessory, and layer compatible items for males?

Things like: http://peaceloveandnolimits.tumblr.com/post/29139579211
(sweaters that show shirts underneath).

There are a lot you can do for male items. Fitted pants, different vests, sweaters, shoes, and more but there are not that many on this site.

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Diedrich is irritating.

^ This.

Thank you.
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We should go on a double-date to see Wreck it Ralph. emotion_kirakira

But yeah, thank you all for the hard work you all put into gaia, really appreciate it. <3

Oh one question. What can I do about my other account? I moved like a month ago, so I got a totally different IP address, and I forgot the email I used on my mule, and it has the IP verification on. :/

You can file a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help to get some assistance on an e-mail change.
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Sooo...is Diedrich going to be running for president against another NPC? emotion_c8
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Onyx Millennia
oh and DIEDRICH 2012.

diedrich owes us risky angels crying

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