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If users wanted to take their Gaia headquarters stalking to the next level, in your opinion, what would be the best means of infiltration?

Basically, can users actually visit the Florida or California buildings and if so what can visitors actually do there? (though I think Fl just has big ole servers?)
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Just lurking for now.... I hope everyone's having a good week so far!
Could we a hint on the theme of the upcoming chance item/random item generator? emotion_kirakira
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Since the <3 </3 system is being brought up again, I'd like to mention my continued support of the </3 feature. Likes are meaningless- nothing more than a popularity contest- without dislikes.

Diedrich is irritating.

Hey sisky, how is the judging process going for your zOMG Halloween forum contest? Any idea which day winners will be announced? whee
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Now its more like youtube
seriously, have you seen what people think of Downvoters on youtube?

Even youtube allows their users to disable voting on videos, for individual videos through the Edit Video page. Haha.
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How come Waffles isn't running for president of gaia?

I can't speak for Waffles, but I think he feels politics is beneath him.

Do you know what items will be in the black friday sale? Will a cat be in the sale? What sort of prices will items have this year?

No Clue

Will cherubic queen get another release? Will baby-kun the kitty be rereleased with the other animals from that CI?

Again I don't know

Will we get more free gaia cash offers in the future?

Sorry again

Who on staff is voting in this election?
Everyone that I know of.

Which is cuter, elephants or donkeys?

I had a chance to observe a lot of elephants on my travels, and I'm a bit partial to them, my mother however prefers donkeys. Here is a picture taken this morning. User Image
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~ V ~ I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I saw the Rocky Horror Show live at one of our local theatres. My first time attending a Rocky show... Very interesting, very fun.

Very surprising plot intro! I hope to see some of the other NPCs challenge Diedrich!
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Bad scammer is bad, agree? Y/N.

Agreed, you should report it if you haven't already, http://www.gaiaonline.com/scamming

Alrighty, i reported his selling thread in the exchange under inappropriate content.
It just happened and the Dev notice for ask the admins came up, perfect timing.
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Will Gaia be donating anything to the Relief Efforts for Hurricane Sandy?
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Hello Admins. >u< I hope you all had a great Halloween. Not much to say. I see derp pony and omega are at it again.
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Harbinger of Pandamonium
Do admins get free items ?
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Existential Existence

3) No question, just feedback. I enjoyed the Diedrich announcement, it was really cute and funny. Light-hearted entertainment is always a joy to see and experience while on Gaia. That's why I enjoy the things staff do to showcase the company's people and their talents, like the pumpkin contest, sisky and biglanky's chat threads, ATA itself, and just the idea that you guys enjoy this site just as much as your users. One of Gaia's unique flavors is that we come here to play/share/communicate, but staff as well contribute to this atmosphere. It makes Gaia somehow a worthwhile experience to invest time in (to know that the people taking care of Gaia and your e-stuff are doing it with active love) so good job on creating those moments biggrin

Awww, thank for the kind words and the feedback! We love being able to get out in the community and hear what you have to say, have contests, and sometimes just have fun chat! Always glad to have you all about. I've got some more ideas for similar activities in the future, so keep an eye out for them biggrin
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The Man With The Iron Fists.....

Enough said.
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Really admins, I love him but I think WAFFLES should run against him.

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