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Holy elections Batman! Diedrich is running for president... unchallenged D: What do you guys think of this latest development?

Has anyone seen Wreck-It Ralph yet? I haven't but definitely want to!

Did you guys have a good weekend?

Where's Lanzer you ask? He couldn't make it tonight, so for now, you're stuck with me razz
Good Evening Admins

im here to ask you to address this new issue we are encountering.
since you guys decided to change the thumbs-up to something less Facebook-like. which the decision was made based on user feedback because they said it reminded so much of Facebook.

Now its more like youtube
seriously, have you seen what people think of Downvoters on youtube?

you dont want to remove the </3's and dont want to make the necessary changes to modify it ?

then tell me how is the best way to Report those Trolls for disrupting Topics ?
i'd like to know who dislikes threads, so i can put on ignore or report them for Trolling.

clarify this rule: Downvoting a Topic with a dozen of mules in order to piss off a fellow Gaian
is it against the rules or not?

Term of Service under section 4-11
intentionally interfere with the operation of Gaia Online or any Member's enjoyment of it, including intentionally posting inflammatory statements to get a reaction " Trolling "

Developer in charge of the project "Like & Share":
*We want to encourage positive actions, so we've changed the thumbs up to like, and removed the thumbs down all together"

* What would you do with the "dislike" threads? We wouldn't remove them just because a bunch of users banded together to dislike a thread because they didn't like the user. if posts/threads are spam, etc they should be reported in the usual means. We should encourage positive community activity, not focus on the negative.

*just to be clear, there won't be a dislike button. Just a like button. also, we won't be showing all users who liked the thread, just the most recent 14.

people complained and argued:

:"There is no point in having a like feature if there is no dislike option"

They convinced Devs crying and a Dislike button was Implemented.

Now It's out of control. downvoting Misplaced threads rather than report them as misplaced to be moved into the right forum. User Image

Narumi Misuhara Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:14 pm
The change we'd most likely make is weighting the <3 </3 system so that a few users selecting the same one wouldn't change the rating but many over time would
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Lurking (and lurking by the first page, woot!)
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Hello admins, developers, artists. My question this time around, are there any plans to implement a “report this profile” button/feature? Along my usual reports this has only happened once where the user had inappropriate images on his profile. But I had to pm a mod directly for it to be handled. This would be a nice feature and make it easier & quicker to report such profiles. Like how you can already report comments, pm’s, etc.
Thanks in advance for any & all answers : )

Edit: Damn it! I'll never get that first post bah!

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I'm here to lurk...no one tell Sisky I'm here...I'm hiding.
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

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Hello everyone on this fine evening!

I just have 1 question right now; Will you guys be doing that special on Black Friday like you did last year? (Sold rare items at certain times for Gaia Cash)

If so may I suggest adding the 6 Backwing Quest Formulas in there? I and I'm sure many others would be more then happy to pay Gaia Cash for the Formula. Even if you put it at 5000GC which I hope you don't. sweatdrop

Hello I am Checkmate and I would like to run as Diedrich's Vice President.

User Image

Here is my official policy platform:

- Health: I think everyone should get a full health check before they are eaten.
-Taxes: We will take some limbs from people (no more than half).
-National Security: My mouth leads to a bottomless black pit.
-Social Issues: Everyone gets to rip off and eat the head of whoever they want.
-Cats: Ones that use the litter box yes, ones that eat praying mantises no.

Bonus Points: Should Diedrich become injured I will rip off his head, eat it, and take his place. Should he not become injured, I will still rip off his head, eat it, and take his place.

Thank you, Diedrich for making me your vice president tomorrow.

- Checkmate, About to be Vice President and then President of Gaia!
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Good evening, Admins!

So I have a bit of a snag I'd like to be fixed.

The item displayed here [OMG] has some layering issues with the Sigrdrifa 's Prayer [Hair].
The side flap of the OMG [where the skull is shown], isn't properly layered ONTOP of the hair. Instead, it's being hidden by the hair itself.

I hope you can fix this as it is a dream avatar of mine.


Death Before Dish0nor
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Hi Gaia, I have several questions.

1) Power Picks are still floating around in people's inventories but Gold Lotto is now obsolete. Power Picks don't have a sell back value (or trash option), so could it get one?

2) I'm inquiring about this b/c of discussion in a thread that popped up recently in SF.
Are there any plans to re-evaluate the <3/</3 system anytime next year?
If Gaia does not want to make it an optional feature, how about re-vamping how it's presented and adding in a neutral button? Some people neither like nor dislike threads, but they can't represent themselves in thread ratings because they hold neutral opinions about a thread.
Someone suggested using Gaia's emoticons instead of <3 and </3, and something like: emotion_c8 -User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.- emotion_8c for like-neutral-dislike, respectively, seems much more lighthearted than the current setup of <3 vs </3. I also remember months ago staff threw around the hypothetical idea of changing what sort of rating information people see.

btw a neutral opinion is different from no opinion, since neutral opinion means you still have an opinion, it's just conflicted or between either extremes.

Additional verbage:

Also I wanted to let Gaia know....If you are wondering why people are get emotional with votes it's because these rating systems, placed on social websites, are social in nature. They are not just objective decisions made with being fair-minded in mind, they're also about judging the people who contribute content based on their behavior and what one already knows about the content contributor. That's why these types of rating things get taken so personally on social websites (like facebook, gaia, youtube, myspace) where people can stalk the content of the people they get to know - because they are personal to some degree, especially in forums like Life Issues where thread content are generally about personal issues. At least other websites give users the option to disable these ratings (like youtube), or websites force these ratings to be positive (e.g. facebook's like-only button).

Before when there was just the thumbs up/thumbs down feature, it did not cause these problems because it was unobtrusive. But the way thread rating has been presented and glorified now in each thread (top left corner of every thread, highly visible, highly accessible, a "total score" involved as if we were a grading people on their content) have turned these thread rates into a process of what people get on social websites like facebook, except it's a little bit worse on Gaia because it's much more flawed; as others have mentioned, multiple votes are only limited by the number of mules people have aka limitless since votes are not limited by IP, people on your ignore list can still vote in your threads, ratings cannot be changed if you change your mind or made a mistake, and there is a forced <3/</3 dynamic that introduces negativity, especially by forcing a positive OR negative dynamic that is highlighted by ignoring those who have neutral opinions about a thread.

You are an awesome website and people know you care about the users but with this feature it is just weeeiiird the way it is presented on Gaia. Rating features can work on social websites, but the way you guys did it is just weird. It sort of mildly shocks me why a social networking website like Gaia would want a feature that introduces and pretty much forces anonymous negativity onto its users, without giving users a way to protect themselves from anonymous misuse, short of users refraining from making topics or users retreating to guilds where the feature does not exist.

3) No question, just feedback. I enjoyed the Diedrich announcement, it was really cute and funny. Light-hearted entertainment is always a joy to see and experience while on Gaia. That's why I enjoy the things staff do to showcase the company's people and their talents, like the pumpkin contest, sisky and biglanky's chat threads, ATA itself, and just the idea that you guys enjoy this site just as much as your users. One of Gaia's unique flavors is that we come here to play/share/communicate, but staff as well contribute to this atmosphere. It makes Gaia somehow a worthwhile experience to invest time in (to know that the people taking care of Gaia and your e-stuff are doing it with active love) so good job on creating those moments biggrin
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Narumi Misuhara
Holy elections Batman! Diedrich is running for president... unchallenged D: What do you guys think of this latest development?

Has anyone seen Wreck-It Ralph yet? I haven't but definitely want to!

Did you guys have a good weekend?

Where's Lanzer you ask? He couldn't make it tonight, so for now, you're stuck with me razz

hi narumi!!!

i want to see wreck-it ralph too! but i am more interested in the short "paperman" that is playing with it.

um lol diedrich really? xd is this a hint of a mini forum event i wonder.

and how early is everyone voting tomorrow? i am thinking of being crazy and do it 6am. biggrin

*goes to lurking mode now*
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