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Happy 10th Anniversary! whee

I just wanted to ask if the new Cros Stitch items will be released soon? :3
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I've wondered about the economic system on this site.
How do you guys get gold? Do you generate it yourselves?
Is it the same with the items?
And do you distribute gold/items out to those here, either through marketplace or donations?
Also, the economic system is comparable to that of the U.S., I believe. So does that mean because of our bad economy, the marketplace prices are the way they are?
Ok thanks. emotion_kirakira
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happy 10th anniversary smile
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Sisky, any update on when you are headin down-under?
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Why did the help center never get back to me when I was trying to recover on of my accounts? Its been like 2 years!!!!
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Is there any idea when more items will be available in Mecha Neko?
Zero Omega
little bunnies
Do you have any cake over at Gaia HQ? If so, what kind? In detail please. emotion_dowant

Chocolate and vanilla cake last Friday!
Does FedX ship cake ---maybe on dry ice? We'll each be expecting our slice via next-day service... rofl
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How come no one showed for the zomg stuff give away a lot of people are getting annoyed and can a admin go let people in zomg know?
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Latina Puddingv2
Zero Omega
Latina Puddingv2
I have another question
How long do you have to wait to get a trading pass back?

On my to-do list, sorry for the wait. sweatdrop
It's okay 4laugh *gives cupcake*

*devours it!*
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Could someone explain this whole layers thing in zOMG and how to switch in between them? I am lost OTL

Basically, layers help prevent each zOMG servers from lagging. You can be on one layer and your friend could be on another layer. The only way to switch layers is if you have a friend on another layer, or if you send a whisper to someone who's on another layer. If your friend is on another layer, I believe their dot will appear blue or orange to you (it's been a year since I last played, so I don't remember what color a friend's dot appears as when they're not on the same layer as you). All you have to do is click on their dot and you'll be transported to that layer. If you whisper to someone you suspect is on another layer, have them add you to their crew or something, and then you'll be transported to their layer when you click "join crew".
So are theyre any new plans for zOMG? Like new rings? and what about new areas? Sorry I just love exploring cat_sweatdrop cat_whee
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The Go Gaia art is so adorable
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awesome job on the mini halo and winglets item!
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Keep working on Towns, im starting to like it c: Happy 10th year!
Ive only been here for 6 yrs
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Just wanna thank you guys or today's item! Dem Mini's are awesome!

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