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The Zomg party was really something to remember ,,,lol so many people
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Happy 10th! Crazy fun day today! Hope you guys at the office had a big party too!

Get ready for boom. Dx The notice went up, and I'm lost in the other threads. XD
Happy Gaia Anniversary!
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Did sisky see me when she was in towns? I was there and was hoping to say hi and have a quick convo but the lag was so bad I had to close out.
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Question- Do you guy's ever sleep?

Serious one- Will we have an Easter/St. Patty's Day event?
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Happy 10th Anniversary.
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Coma and Tail
Zero Omega
And since you have quoted, you're stuck with getting a sign!
4laugh What would you like it to say?

--And it's all thanks to you guys. While I enjoy the older bits of Gaia, I cannot complain with all of the new friends I have made over the past 2 years alone!

Doesn't have to be anything special. xd I just wanted to respond to your Facebook comment!
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i got hacked :/
Serious question, Are there going to updates through the year? If so how would it impact Gaiaonline and what would the updates include?
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Uncle Kenny
I caught you

I love your avatar! It's so purple!

Thank you it is made up of items that I have been given over the years for my birthday
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♥ Happy Anniversary Gaia! C:

Why no grombie skin?
You gave us the overseer skin. any chance the grombie skin will be next? *A*

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Congrats on 10 years, Gaia!

I've been out of the loop for awhile and was curious if Gaians Gone Wild will make a return this year? I miss dressing up as bacon during games. xD

toki <3 <3 <3 sizzle sizzle
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Happy 10th Anniversary. I think every gaia user should get 500k sweatdrop xp whee
Hi Admins,

Why do I often see a Notice of my wishlist item, "Angelic Halo" offered at 555,352 gold? Every time I click it, there's no halo listed… and secondly at that price??? Every time?

Happy Anniversary!

Hmm, it's unlikely that anyone would be selling the Angelic Halo at all. If it's a bug then we'll need to look into the message history to find out what's going on. Thanks for reporting.
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Will we ever get back the Cinema and the video lounge in the future?

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