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Happy almost Halloween! mrgreen
The Daily Treat videos haven't been adding any Gaia Cash to my account.
First time it was only 2 GCash, but the second time it was 100. burning_eyes
Is this something that could perhaps be looked into?
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Queen Qcoeurleene
Zero Omega
Queen Qcoeurleene

Your an admin lead. ninja

No one answered my question AGAIN

I didn't see your question!

Go back to page 19

Or you could make it easier and just post your question again?

Doesn't posting question over and over again annoy the devs?
Every page, yes. But if it has been like 20 pages with no answer, you can post again =)
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You know what would be cool?? ELF/Dark Elve NPC's in zomg !

Or an army of Dark ELves , like the H2k9 event !!
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! Have fun with the rest of the event and have a great time this Halloween!!! See you all next week!
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More wrestling items would be nice... ninja
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Queen Qcoeurleene
Crypt Queen Kamila

You, sir, look like you'll answer me.
Where are my bats when I'm being Bloodlust?

What?? Is that a riddle?

I think he is referring to Dead Man's SHadow. sweatdrop

Oh, I see. I know next to nothing about Zomg.

Why am I ignored by the admins??? Go back to page 19 and answer my question please! 18 19 20 in there somewhere

sent in a PM.
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Is there any reason why? I know the dev team no longer has access to change the code (or something, I don't quite remember) but does the original Towns really take up so much server space? I was a beta tester when it was first released, and I've seen a lot of communities form there throughout the years. What are the chances of the original Towns remaining available as-is?

Thanks so much for your time.

We've wanted to update towns for sometime now. (I use the collective Gaia staff, 'we', as it predates my employment by some time). Towns 2 was started with the intention of replacing Towns 1, the reasons among others:

1. Towns 1 has security issues, as we have all seen with hackers causing problems.
2. Towns 1 was written about 2 year before Facebook, and the year before Youtube launched,
the technology is out of date.
3. We wanted something that was easier to maintain and update, We get a lot of suggestions from users, and many of them are really good, but just impossible to work into Towns.

Now we have something that can grow and expand, and that means we can take more suggestions, and add more rooms, events and games into Towns.

I understand how many of you feel about it. I personally don't want to change to windows 8, and I don't like it when my favourite sites change. I promise it wasn't done on a whim.

Houses will be added, as will bugs, flowers and trash. There will not be zip codes, but there will be addresses, and public transportation. I know many will miss towns 1, but we will do our best to make Towns 2 fun.

      Thank you very much for the coherent reply. (Don't switch to Windows 8, it's a trap!) Uh, one last question before I stop pestering you...
      Will avatars move around less erratically when Towns 2 is released? xd That's the main peeve I have against it, really.

Did you turn off the path-finding? There is a temporary button at the bottom of a man walking. That should do it.

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