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Hello~! AtA~!

Just a few things.

How are the zOMG Glitch fixes?
There was a questionable glitch about the Bloodlust Batwaves becoming Bat-less.

Are you Admins and Mods having Fun with the events and such?
Hey guys <3
I actually celebrated my first real Halloween this year. It involved costumes, drinking and firecrackers, which i have also never lit before. I had a great night.

OĆ­che shamhna shona duit ;P
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Celebrating Gaian

Hello and Happy Halloween everyone!

How's the Halloween event going? Do you have enough time to collect the prizes?

What costumes have you prepared for Halloween this year? I'm a skeleton his Halloween. Time to find the right suit for my avatar. biggrin

Is it possible to extend the event through the weekend? There are a lot getting hit with power outages due to the storm and will not have the time the next couple days to finish up the achievement.
Granted, those just starting now would not have enough time regardless, but those that are close but have been struck with disaster will not get that extra bit of time to reach their goal for the achievement.
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Hello! I'm not sure if i'm working this right but i have a question. Will there be any special event for zOMG?
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Hey Zero!

Progress on your investigations?

Nothing at the moment, I actually meant to poke into it today but something came up that actually took up the time I set aside for you.
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how many months ahead do you plan events?
how much work goes into the events?
And when is Heralds of Chaos going to be ready so people can get in? (Ive been trying to play but cant get in yet)
Tons of Thanks
Chief Sakura
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How many users are let into HoC at a time, and how often are new batches of users included?
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I'm not getting any candies when in the shops. The NPCs keep saying I already got one, when I know i haven't. This has been going on for at least 3 days now, and I haven't been able to get any of the Halloween 2k12 items from gold shops. Is there anyway to fix this?
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Hey AtA, I've made myself a slenderman costume out of old socks and my business suit, here's hoping I don't get athletes foot on my scalp!

I know it may be early for this question but: Have you guys started planning out the Xmas event yet, and if so, is it related to the Halloween event?

And an unrelated question: are there any future features you guys have been coming up with that you haven't had a place to disclose them, but would really like to tell us about?
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I got a question is there going to be any events happening in the month of November?
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Hey, everyone -- just lurking, will snipe the occasional question or maybe just make witty comments, if I can find someone around here that will help me be witty.

witty is my bread and butter

now i just need a toaster to make it useful
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Sorry if this has been asked! This is my first AtA in...a couple years, I think. ._.

Anyhow, how much bearing will the outcome of the event have on the plot? I have a feeling certain happenings are set in stone, but does the winning team actually have influence on the turn of events?
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Any plans to visit NZ when you Visit Aus?

Might as well while I am out that way! Besides, I need to Zorb! I really do. That looks awesome! eek
Most flights to Aus have to go through NZ anyways.

I had to go through Aus to get to NZ. rofl
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Can we have a Kwanza event? Not that I celebrate kwanza or that there's anything wrong with christmas...just to shake it up a bit.

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