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Sen Natsu
Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Something something facial hair. Busy watching wrestling.

What does it truly mean to have facial hair? Thoughts on CM Punk keeping the title?

I like CM Punk so I'm okay with it.

^ +25g
Might as well ask. There's a few "grappler" items that look loosely based on his gear.

That I would have no idea about.
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Here's a question I bet you guys have heard before, but it's worth it to ask anyway:

What's the deal with Towns and Towns 2?
Are we really trading one in for the other permanently?
I'm not a big fan of the second edition.

Also, when are you guys ever going to have a Gaia convention in Phoenix, Arizona?
I've been waiting! heart
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I'm back for a minute while the guy is looking at the problem in my car.

I've just thought of a question: Is there a problem/glitch with the feeds, as I get them a little later than what they're meant to be. Especially when people quote me. 5 minutes later? sweatdrop


Oh my. Am I glowing? wink
Crypt Queen Kamila
Crypt Queen Kamila

You, sir, look like you'll answer me.
Where are my bats when I'm being Bloodlust?

What?? Is that a riddle?

No, it is not. My bats have left me. emotion_donotwant

Someone told me you are talking about Zomg, and I don't know anything about that game.

Well at least you're honest. Have a[n] jelly filled doughnut Onigiri. yum_onigiri
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Epic Period

That’s not what I mean. I mean those of us who have become more mature are forced to remain on the PG- 13 level even after we grow well past that. Friend of mine got a banning warning for talking about a rated R movie. He's 20. Kinda sucks that the people that grew with the site have to stay back with the children here.

There were plenty of people over 18 when the site started and they honored the rules when you were younger. The community is 13+. Changing that in anyway would bring in liability issues, coding frenzies, possible loss of users and probably a lot sneaky kids with angry parents contacting staff.

There is always the option to PM your friends about more adult topics, mebo or use private rooms/ chat in most of the games.

Dont get me wrong, a free-reign 18+ area would be great but I see where they are coming from on this. Especially, since a lot of the 13-18 year old users are also putting money in the site. Alienating them might not be the wisest of choices.

I see your point on all but one subject. the money. as an adult I have a job and I put money into this site too. probably more than most 13 year olds. and with that money in here, getting banned for the things I have been talking about also counts as being alienated.
There is a caching problem where other people's posts might appear in your post history, but that should have been fixed. I'll need to check up on that.

As for signatures, it's tricky to render sigs on the server side, where it's technically easy for any users to look at their sigs and determine whether it's too big or not. A user can correct any mistakes within a reasonable amount of time without any consequences.

The Enforcer666
DID YOU KNOW THAT eek .......User Image

Question. Why is it that I get other people's conversations in my My Post history?

Also, when you create a signature, there are all these rules and regulations one must conform to if you don't want it disabled. When will there be something telling you that you've exceeded those parameters? Yes, there is the whole right click>view image info but shouldn't there be something in place that automatically detects that your signature has exceeded those set parameters and stops you from completing your signature? It just seems like there isn't something in place just so the users can get in trouble and spend gold to unlock their sigs.

Thank you

User Image...... User Image NOW YOU KNOW!!!!
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Is there any reason why? I know the dev team no longer has access to change the code (or something, I don't quite remember) but does the original Towns really take up so much server space? I was a beta tester when it was first released, and I've seen a lot of communities form there throughout the years. What are the chances of the original Towns remaining available as-is?

Thanks so much for your time.

We've wanted to update towns for sometime now. (I use the collective Gaia staff, 'we', as it predates my employment by some time). Towns 2 was started with the intention of replacing Towns 1, the reasons among others:

1. Towns 1 has security issues, as we have all seen with hackers causing problems.
2. Towns 1 was written about 2 year before Facebook, and the year before Youtube launched,
the technology is out of date.
3. We wanted something that was easier to maintain and update, We get a lot of suggestions from users, and many of them are really good, but just impossible to work into Towns.

Now we have something that can grow and expand, and that means we can take more suggestions, and add more rooms, events and games into Towns.

I understand how many of you feel about it. I personally don't want to change to windows 8, and I don't like it when my favourite sites change. I promise it wasn't done on a whim.

Houses will be added, as will bugs, flowers and trash. There will not be zip codes, but there will be addresses, and public transportation. I know many will miss towns 1, but we will do our best to make Towns 2 fun.

      Thank you very much for the coherent reply. (Don't switch to Windows 8, it's a trap!) Uh, one last question before I stop pestering you...
      Will avatars move around less erratically when Towns 2 is released? xd That's the main peeve I have against it, really.

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Zero Omega

Thank you! And it is.

Now all you gotta do is convince Lanzer to get outta that old get up >_< He hasn't changed since 2004. gonk

He has! His hair is different.
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Queen Qcoeurleene
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Queen Qcoeurleene
Zero Omega
What are people that grew up with gaia and are now over 18 supposed to do here. Are we just supposed to leave after 18?

Continue using the site as you normally do? ninja I joined this site when I was 16 and kept on using the site as normal after I turned 18.

Your an admin lead. ninja

No one answered my question AGAIN

I didn't see your question!

Go back to page 19

Or you could make it easier and just post your question again?

Doesn't posting question over and over again annoy the devs?
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Any chance of having a recolor of Rosamund's Revenge?
Zero Omega
Sen Natsu
Zero Omega
Sen Natsu
Zero Omega
Something something facial hair. Busy watching wrestling.

What does it truly mean to have facial hair? Thoughts on CM Punk keeping the title?
It is not the beard on the outside that matters. it's be beard inside. [/actionhank quote]

And Punk isn't going to keep the title. They already released the WM poster with rock, brock and cena, so you know that cena's getting the title and a rematch with rock, brock is winning the rumble as a surprise entrant, and turning WM into a three way for the title. Or something.


That would suuuuuccck, at least in my eyes. I'm actually surprised Rock won that match, I was expecting a "passing of the torch" ala Rock v Hogan/
He wouldn't have, because wrestling isn't his job anymore. It's a hobby. Rock "The Dwayne" Johnson is no longer going to be a full timer since wrasslin' went pg-only. And with the new three hour format and the firing of one of the writers last week, things are wearing thin behind the scenes.

Yeah, I had no idea how to feel about a perma-three hour RAW. I do like the occasional three-hour show, but don't think overall a perma three-hour is good for all the staff.
From what I hear of the behind the scenes stuff it's stressing out everyone because they have the time, but not enough content. Which is why there's a sudden influx of talking segments and last week's random gameshow out of nowhere.
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Fluffeh Whip
There is not enough time to get the items, and a lot of us want to go out on halloween and not be on Gaia trying to get last minute items...and there are a lot this year!!
is it possible to extend the date??

All major events last for 2 weeks and we have no plans to extend this one.

So what, exactly, does this mean for the users who have to deal with things like the major hurricane on the East Coast that may very well bring significant harm to a lot of people? Are they just getting a "sorry, you should've gotten everything earlier" brush-off? cat_neutral
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Im having problems with the daily chance sometimes i clik on it it shows this
Permission Error
There was a problem granting your request. Please try again.

why it could be happening this? can you fix it?
i realy dont know why cuse it never give me problems till these months ._.

This might have to do with situations where the web browser doesn't support Javascript. Which browser were you using?

google chrome
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega

Thank you! And it is.

Now all you gotta do is convince Lanzer to get outta that old get up >_< He hasn't changed since 2004. gonk

He has! His hair is different.

BAH! That doesn't count. *gets a duster and starts dusting Lanzer off*

*coughs* emotion_puke

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